The passing of a person that you truly love can cause pain but when Niall and Amy meet each other does that pain stay or go away?



Niall's pov-

i decided to give my crutches to Amy ,ohhh how I loved to hear Amy sing .I walked out of bathroom taking my tie of barely realizing that I was still in my suit ,I took of my suit and put it on my chair . I stood there in my black brief Calvin Klein boxers just looking at my self in the mirror looking and messing with my scar , I threw my self on the bed still half dressed thinking about my brothers death ,he was one of my best friends I couldn't believe it I started to tear up not ashamed of crying like the other guys in the world that said crying was for baby's . I was quickly taken out of my train of thought as a heard a big clang in the bathroom I ran towards the bathroom worrying that Amy might have gotten more hurt knowing that I hate to see her in pain ,it brakes my heart. Amy had fallen while trying to open the door and trying to hold the crutches in place at the time . I picked Amy up bridal style and laid her down on my bed as softly as I could so I wouldn't hurt her.

Amy's pov- 

Niall's closet was pretty big for a guy it was bigger than my whole flat. I walked towards the shirts and picked out a shirt that had NYPD on the front and then grabbed some gray sweats and walked out so I could put the clothes on the couch in the bathroom so I wouldn't have to struggle as much.  I finished putting on the clothes and grabbed the crutches and headed towards the door . As I reached for the nob the crutches got in the way and made me trip I felt my self falling but as soon as I hit the floor Niall was there picking me up bridal style and taking me back to the bed , he hadn't noticed that he was in his boxers I'm guessing he had just taken of his suit because he still smelled like the forest , I always loved the smell of trees I didn't know why tho I just did . Niall put me down on the bed and was hovering over me making sure I was alright , he then kissed my forehead and then said he was sorry "why are u apologizing?" I asked "I just don't want you to get hurt" he said as he hugged me I hugged him back "I always wanted a Horan hug" I said to my self as Niall lifted his face from my shoulder he looked me in the eyes and kissed me it took me by shock and took me a while to realize what was happening but I responded back by kissing him we sat up still kissing Niall lifting me up and setting me on his lap and me wrapping my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck , Niall was passionetly kissing me first really slow then slowly picking up the pace , he backed away and said "I know I just met you but I think I love you , no actually I don't think I love you , I know I love you and I feel like I need to protect you at all times and I just want you to be my princess" I accepted what Niall had just told me with a big smile and he smiled back as him knowing that I had just accepted for me to be his princess he then hugged me and also kinda picked me up to sit me on the bed.

Niall's pov-

oh my god I kissed her I couldn't believe it . After I sat her on the bed I grabbed her face with my hands and placed a kiss on my princess's forehead while asking her if she wanted to watch a movie , she nodded in agreement , Amy giggled not knowing what she was laughing about I asked her what was so funny "ur still in you boxers" she replied I looked down and blushed and ran towards the chair to pic up my sweat pants as I put them on I asked Amy if she wanted to watch a scary movie (yes I know it's just so I can make her feel safe in my arms when she gets scared) she agreed and put her hair in a messy bun , then I noticed how cute she looked in my NYPD shirt witch went to her mid thigh and how the sweats were all baggy around her ankles "I am so lucky" I though to my self . As I put in mama she came up behind me wrapping her arms around my waist and thanked me for how much I had been helping her out "I turned around and faced her and hugged her ,she was on her tippy toes it was so cute how she was way shorter than me I leaned in and kissed her soft and passionately on the lips and picked her up bridal style while still kissing and placed her under the duvets. When the movie was about I play I heard a knock at the door . I went down stairs to answer the door and it was Harry with his girlfriend Kat "Hey mate u alright" Harry asked "ya I'm alright" I responded . Harry and Kat look like they had just woken up both in sweats hand in hand , I welcomed them In and as soon as I had finished welcoming them in Amy walked down the stairs in her crutches almost tipping over them in excitement Kat and Amy were hugging at the bottom of the stairs while Harry and I just stood there confused at what was going on.

Amy's pov-

as I walked down the stairs I heard a familiar voice , could it be? No it couldn't. I questioned my self it's been years. I couldn't believe it , it was my best friend Kat standing there after 5 years of not seing her Because of her acting career and having to move to California and leaving London . I went up and hugged her as I hugged her I felt her baby bumb I immidietly started feeling her belly and asking her how she had been and how far along she was . Kat was 8 months pregnant and her life was going well Harry proposed to her her ring was beautiful. Harry and Kat have been going out for about 4 years but Harry kept Kat on the low so she wouldn't get any hate I had been knowing that they were going out for a while know because rid the news and all the outing videos on YouTube ,she doesn't get out much because Harry is really over protective and doesn't want to have Kat hurt .Kat has changed alot her hair use to be brown and her hair know looked like a really dark brown almost black and her contacts were replaced with glasses and compared to Harry she looked really short.

kat's pov- 

I was so surprised to see Amy I hadn't seen her in years she still as small as she was when we were 14 I really missed her but what I was trying to figure out I'd that what was she over at Nialls house "so how said you and Niall meet " I asked "we meet in a forest" she replied back with a big smile while Niall was giving her a kiss at the top of her head "we'll that's a weird place to meet someone " Harry said  "so are you guys dating ?" I asked "Niall answered with A wide smile while hugging Amy from the back  "yes and I really love her" how sweet  I said its good that Amy had found someone that could take care of her and love her she had gone threw some really bad breakups in the past.and I hate to see her hurt again "Niall can I talk to you for a sec" I asked  Niall followed me into the kitchen "please don't hurt her she's gone threw some really rough stuff" I spoke "I will never hurt my little princess, I wouldn't dream about it" know that I got that cleared out I can trust Niall even more with my best friends heart if you looked Niall in the eyes you could see  the love he had in his that he had for Amy not just because his pupils were dilated . 

Harrys pov- 

its good that Niall found a girl he's always saying that he wishes to find his princess and I guess that he got his wish . As I sat down next to Amy on the couch I asked if she really liked Niall "I love him I can't imagine a day without him " she responded "that's how I feel about Kat" I said back "it's nice to know that Kat has found some one that actually loves her and won't cheat on her or use her you know?" Amy said . I know that Kat has gone threw a lot I know she falls easily in love and its nice to know that I already captured her heart .I was torn out of  my train of though when Kat walked in almost wobbling I patted my hand on my lap signaling for Kat to sit down  as she sat down on my lap I put my chin on her shoulder and wrapped my arms around her huge belly "you guys are so cute together" Amy said "the same with you too you guys are like more in love than we are and I wouldn't think that was possible" As i  said that Kat just looked over at me and placed a kiss  on my lips and said I love you .ohhh how I love this girl with all my heart "I love you too babe and all  your little things".


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