The passing of a person that you truly love can cause pain but when Niall and Amy meet each other does that pain stay or go away?


1. Dead

Amy's pov -

my sister was dead. She was gone. Me and my family were at Katherine's funeral the funeral was sad. She was young. Katherine was only 23 when she died. She died saving me , I don't know why she saved me she was cruel and mean to me , she gave her away just to save me . I know she was my sister and all but why? I started to cry , I could not take it I ran toward the forest near the cemetery with out telling anybody . My family didn't care about me anyways. 

Niall's pov-

 I was at my brother Greg's funeral. I was with him when it happened we were in a car accident I wasn't badly injured or anything I just had a scar over my left eye brow you could not see it much but it hurts like hell. I decided to go for a walk but then I changed my mind and ran toward the forest that was next to the cemetery . I left like that . Not a word to anybody , I just left.    

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