The passing of a person that you truly love can cause pain but when Niall and Amy meet each other does that pain stay or go away?


3. Are you alright?

Amy's pov- 

I thought I was dreaming when I saw him the Niall James Horan, I've loved him sense he had auditioned for the x-factor and when I mean in love I meant IN LOVE not like those other directioner who had feels for him I actually had feeling for Niall. I don't know why management changed his image he was cute either way. As I was brought back from my thoughts I saw him sitting next to me " are you alright?" He asked with a thick Irish accent , I replied back "yes" trying not to fangirl and make him run away or something. I tried standing up forgetting that my ankle was injured , I fell onto niall's lap his eyes met with mine . his blue eyes staring in to my brown eyes almost hypnotizing me he said "are you alright?" 

Niall's pov-

I decided to sit next to her and  ask her If she was alright she said "yes" she stood up and then Fell down on to my lap, "tell me the truth princess ,are you hurt?" She finally admitted that she was hurt and told me how she had gotten here and gotten hurt. Still making eye contact from when she had failed at standing up I told her "everything was going to be ok" right then we both feel asleep in each others arms. (HOURS LATER) I woke and realized that Amy was shaking "she was cute when she slept" I thought to my self smiling. I then told my self that I needed to get her to my range rover "Amy would a beautiful name" I thought to my self as I picked her up carrying her to my range rover and taking her back to mine. 

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