I Would

Hey guys,this is my first movella. Hope you enjoy xx.
This story is about a young girl named Clara who is 19 and has a very rich family her dad (Mark) owns Apple, her mum (Catherine) runs Apple also. She has one older sister (Claudia) is 22 and one younger brother (Callum) is 14. She lives in a 20 acre mansion in Cheshire. But after heart break her sister cheers her up and literally bumping into a guy is this fate?


4. The trip

It was a long silent drive until the radio came on and A band called One Direction came on singing their version of 'One way or another' it was really good except I only listened to rock music which I completely enjoy but these guys were good. Finally we have at our destination the shopping centre. Me and my sister never went shopping together as I like shorts and tank tops and converse and Hollister. But  my sister shopped In other  shops which was too fancy for her. "So where she you want to go first little sis," she said excitedly.
"Um, Let's go get a coffee or something first,"I said this quite calmly and then we went to Costa. We ordered for a takeaway and I got a hot chocolate and my sister got a latte we stood for 15 minutes waiting and went to drink the hot chocolate as we were walking towards the first shop. 

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