I Would

Hey guys,this is my first movella. Hope you enjoy xx.
This story is about a young girl named Clara who is 19 and has a very rich family her dad (Mark) owns Apple, her mum (Catherine) runs Apple also. She has one older sister (Claudia) is 22 and one younger brother (Callum) is 14. She lives in a 20 acre mansion in Cheshire. But after heart break her sister cheers her up and literally bumping into a guy is this fate?


3. Stunning

Clara's P.O.V
 She came out and hugged me and whispered softly into my ear,"I heard."
We walked inside and watched TV it was only 11 am on a Saturday she was all ways the one to cheer you up but I didn't know what she had planned."spill, what are we going to do?" I said questioning her softly.she looked at me with an excited face and smiled mischievously.
"Ok," I sighed and ran upstairs and down the hallway and into my room. What to wear, what to wear. I opened the double doors to my walk in wardrobe and browsed about aha. A 
Beautiful black studded shoulder jumper and denim shirts with studded heels perfect. I rushed to get the clothes and put them on and ran back into the walk-in wardrobe but what I've been hiding my whole life is a studio I pulled the clothes of the back wall aside and opened the door and walked in and did my make up and hair. I wore studded earrings as well to give more of an effect and curled my hair .  I got my purse and my bag and headed downstairs."Wow, you look stunning"
She snapped out of her trance and walked towards my car.i guess I'm driving. 

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