I Would

Hey guys,this is my first movella. Hope you enjoy xx.
This story is about a young girl named Clara who is 19 and has a very rich family her dad (Mark) owns Apple, her mum (Catherine) runs Apple also. She has one older sister (Claudia) is 22 and one younger brother (Callum) is 14. She lives in a 20 acre mansion in Cheshire. But after heart break her sister cheers her up and literally bumping into a guy is this fate?


2. Payback!!

*Clara's P.O.V*

The other letter was from Johnny.

"Look babe, i'm really  i know this is not the first time I've done this I really love you I want you back. But even I know you probably hate me right now but it was a mistake I was really drunk i'm so sorry. Please take me back I love you, I really do. Come on  we all make mistakes. I'm sorry if your crying right now love please, take me back!"

I pulled the note from the door and scrunched it into a ball, I ran back to my car and got my notebook and wrote a note.

"Honey, I know your sorry it's just this is the third time. What the hell, you obviously don't love me as your using me to get in free to parties and finding a girl and taking her to the bed. Seriously we have been going for only five months. I hate you and I never want to see you again it will all reflect on you. Sleeping around with other girls is not going to work. I thought you were the one. Well maybe not. Wait till I tell everyone what you did . Goodbye, baby."

               The letter was like a sphere going through his heart. His emotions were easily weak and defenseless which makes me feel a lot better.I was driving to his house it took me five minutes to get there I pulled up outside  and fixed my make up so that it looked as if my reaction was fine. I got out bringing my note. I was never at his house before it was tiny I mean no gates, no fence and no car.  I walked up to his house in  my designer clothing. There he was in a pair of boxers. Ugh. Such a slob. I shoved the note in his face and kicked him in the balls. He fell to his knees and was leaning over the door. It was time to go oh, wait, I slammed the door in his face. That felt good.


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