I Would

Hey guys,this is my first movella. Hope you enjoy xx.
This story is about a young girl named Clara who is 19 and has a very rich family her dad (Mark) owns Apple, her mum (Catherine) runs Apple also. She has one older sister (Claudia) is 22 and one younger brother (Callum) is 14. She lives in a 20 acre mansion in Cheshire. But after heart break her sister cheers her up and literally bumping into a guy is this fate?


1. Breakup!

Clara's P.O.V

Before I went to meet him for a dinner I checked my twitter to find the most horrifying picture put up 2 minutes ago, a picture of my boyfriend with a girl kissing. It was like my heart was being torn apart and cut in two. Then i thought this guy used me to be popular seriously Johnny. I ran back inside my white Ferrari and checked the status again and commented " you know Johnny your great using girls and making them cry, I officially @ hate you!!"That made me feel so much better but I still love him.

                      My mascara ran down my cheek, I wiped it away and drove home the drive home was bad. first some band came on and sang a song called 'Little Things', it was a beautiful song but I couldn't face the tears. I pulled up to the automatic gates and drove up our long driveway and parked my car wiping the tears off. Before I could open the door there were 2 notes on the door both in envelopes.

It was from Dad " me, your mom and your brother had to leave due to work. We will be back in 2 weeks, I hope you and your sister can manage there's money on the table and my credit card in the office. Ring us if anything happens we will be in America by the time you read this. Our flight left at three. Have fun and no parties okay xx love mom, dad and Callum."I cried and fell to my knees first im heart broken and now i have no one to share my misery.



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