My Bad Boy

Have You Ever Fallen For The Wrong Boy, The Boy Who Puts He's Feet Up On The Desk, Throws His Homework In The Bin. Well That's Ashley's Knight In Shinning Armour And When He Goes On Tour Will He Still Come Back As Her Bad Boy.


2. The Surprise

Zayn's POV

Was my Ex girlfriend Chole with Harry Kissing.Me and Ashley stood there,shock written all over our faces.Finally they stopped and turned round "Zayn?!" They said with horror in there voices, I still stood there shocked."Zayn, Listen its nothing I swear!" Harry Pleaded."Let's Go Ashley, We wouldn't want to disturb anything!" I Spat in his face, I took Ashley's hand and led her out of the restaurant. I didn't say anything on the way home and when we came to her house I said goodbye and drove off I felt bad because she went to all that trouble but I just needed time to think.

Ashley's POV

I feel so sorry for Zayn I can't imagine how awful it must feel to see your ex with your best friend. He must feel betrayed I wanted an early night so I went to bed.

Authors Note!

Sorry it was short but I had to write it on my iPad so it took ages please like favourite.


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