My Bad Boy

Have You Ever Fallen For The Wrong Boy, The Boy Who Puts He's Feet Up On The Desk, Throws His Homework In The Bin. Well That's Ashley's Knight In Shinning Armour And When He Goes On Tour Will He Still Come Back As Her Bad Boy.


1. The Sneak Out

Ashley's POV 

I seen Him and started running "Zayn!" "Ashley!" I Hug Him. "I Missed You So much!"He Kisses me on the forehead "I Missed you too," The Bell Rings and everyone hurry's Off except us."Soooo You wanna skip?"He Ask's.Hmm English Or Time with your boyfriend, Hmm Hard decision. "Yeah Lets," He grabs my hand and we walk out the door.We Go To his house and of course his parents are out. He Makes toast for us and we sit down and eat it."I Hate School!" He Screams."Same" " One Day me and you will run away together babe,just me and you against the world," and he was the only person who I Could trust who I could really rely on.

Zayn's POV

I look into her beautiful Brown eyes and lean in for a long passionate kiss as I lean out she smiles, her beautiful white teeth glowing, I can't wait for tonight, tonight I'm Going to propose and she won't know a thing. I Smile At Her And We Kiss Again.

Later That Night***

I Wait For her outside the restaurant fixing my bow tie, I never suited Bow Ties. She Comes And she's in a cocktail dress with black tights,She was beautiful, like she was going to a prom or formal.The Ring Tightly In My pocket We walked In and there right at the front was the worst sight in all my life it was.... 

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