My Bad Boy

Have You Ever Fallen For The Wrong Boy, The Boy Who Puts He's Feet Up On The Desk, Throws His Homework In The Bin. Well That's Ashley's Knight In Shinning Armour And When He Goes On Tour Will He Still Come Back As Her Bad Boy.


3. The Morning After

Zayn's POV

I wake up in the morning and I check my phone, 6 Messages most from Harry and 3 from Ashley. I read Ashley's First

Zayn Please Answer It's Okay Maybe They Were Drunk Or Something?

Zayn I'ts Okay Please Answer We Need To Talk 

Night Zayn Please Just Don't Think Of It!

Oh Great Now Harry's 

Dude Please It Didn't mean anything!

Zayn Please Answer I'm Sorry

I Know you hate me and I'm So sorry please answer :( 

I only reply to Ashley cause I'm still so angry with Harry

He Just Replied I'm Still Real angry wit him! 

I Stay In bed for 3 Hours and I'm Still really Tired The day after 

Until Monday When I see Harry and Guess who, yeah you guessed well I guess I'll have to deal with it.



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