Something Unexpected

Katherine is a 14 year old girl, who just got out of middle school. She's onto will this summer start?


2. Shopping... Oh gosh

****Authors note- sorry about the first chaper title. I dont know what happened to it****

Sitting in Jackie's mom's car to the mall, in the backseat. I have my long, brown-leather purse on and I am ready to get a cute outfit for this party. The thing is I hate shopping. Like I can go for a couple of hours at the maximum, but after that it becomes unbearable. Hopefully this will be a short, quick trip, but I doubt that. We are meeting 2 other girls, Tamara and Gaby. I am super tight with Tamara, yet Jackie has only met her a couple of times. Gaby is a good friend of mine from school, she's like my twin. We both have blonde hair and blue eyes, and we're both considered white. The only thing is I'm only 5'3" and she's 5'6". Also, I have thousands of freckles, while she has like 4. 

Anyways we get to the mall and everyone is excited for the party. I think I may actually wear a dress, but I don't have a date so this may be a waist of time. Thank gosh Gaby doesn't have a date either or I'd be a complete loner. You know I'd want her to get a date, but if it didn't happy (which it didn't) ill be happy to go with her and be our crazy 'ol selves. 

The first store I get dragged into is Hollister. Personally, I like their clothes, but they are really expensive and not always my kind of style. Of course, Jay finds the cutest dress for herself. It's a tight, white, floral print, topless dress. It reaches her mid thigh when she stands up, she looks absolutely fabulous with it on. Thank goodness she found her dress first because we all know she would be in the mall for DAYS! 

Next stop is cotton on, they have some cute things, but all I see right now is glitter on crack. We can all tell my the glow on Gary's face and the twinkle in her eye, she's in love. She's on of those glitter girls if you would say. (Glitter girl from where I come from is a girl obsessed with glitter EVERYTHING). Gaby finds this adorable, hot pink cupcake dress. It's poofy at the bottom and tight around the bust. It looks really good on her, and the gems around the neck makes her look like a model. 

Macy's has this HUGE sale going on and Tamara pushes us all there as fast as she can, to the long wide dress racks we come. I find a cute red dress with a bow, but its backless. I hate backless dresses because I can't wear a bra. No bra doesn't make me feel safe and comfortable as usual. As I find this Tamara is a machine scanning the racks for anything in her size. She fins this long, flowing floor dress. It looks great on her figure and I know her boyfriend Ryan will love it. Obviously it has been bought and we move on to shoes and accessories, yay not me yet.(: 

We go to the shoes section in Macy's first to check it out, then off to Payless. The girls find fabulous shoes in about 20 minutes (I think that's a new record!!!). They all decide on getting some type of heels. Tamara gets 5 inch jet black heels. They have biker studs down the heel. To my surprise, Gaby's are even taller, 6 inches!! Half a foot for goodness sake! I'd call them "time to break your ankle" heels. Yet they are as plain as can get, nude color. She says she doesn't want her shoes to distract from her dress. Lastly, we get to see Jackie's. they are ice white, with a huge flower on the toe. They are about 3 inch platforms so she won't have any issues walking in them, and she'll be her dream height, 5'4". As this all happens I am still walking down the isle in Payless. I spot this orange pair of flats. They are perfect! They have an orange and white floral pattern. I get them, and a matching necklace with the same flower. 

After the second hour has gone by, they are completely done and I only got accessories. We make our final stop, Franchesca's. I can always find a cute dress in here that fits perfectly. We all split up and scan each rack. I can't find anything I like, but I don't lose hope, they have found 4 dresses for me. I can already eliminate 2 off the bat, pink isn't my color and strapless isn't good for dancing. Standing in front of me are 2 gorgeous dresses. A black cupcake and a navy blue mid thigh length doted dress. I lean towards the navy blue one because I don't want to be remembered as Halloween. I try it on, and I'm in love. 

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