Something Unexpected

Katherine is a 14 year old girl, who just got out of middle school. She's onto will this summer start?


5. Party

This is one of the most magical enterences I have ever seen in my life. You can see the door from 50 feet away! It has to be at least 15 feet tall, it has been stained a dark brown, almost black. Also there are lights surrounding the door so you can see the expert craftsmanship. It has detailed flowers, a huge tree in the middle, and birds. Yeah they carved some birds onto a door, crazy I know. Oh walking yup to the building was even better, both sides where open grass feilds with red wood trees all over the property, surrounding the house. The ground was even beautiful. It had a wide variety of rocks and stones all the way up to the magnificent door. 

We got there around the time everyone else was. I met up with Gaby to go in not alone. Jackie had left with Jacob, holding hands as they walk in. Tamara and Ryan had ridden together and you knew there was going to be some partying with those two tonight, think about it. When you reach the door you can take off your jacket, well if you wore one. Then the man checks your name off a list, and lets you inside. The hallway has 3 entrances to dinning/dancing room we will be in for majority of the night.

"Hey Gab, you look amazing," is what I say to take h out of her gaze in the long hallway. 

"Oh haha sorry, you too! You look amazing. And oooooh I am already spot some yummiess down in the hall,"  she winks at me, and has a huge creeper smile. Just like see always is when she's on the hunt for some fun. 

We continue to chat about what others are wearing and we say hello. Then I spot my Axel with his special friend, yet I don't care. I sprint down the hall, almost tripping, and jump on his back! 

"AXELL!!!" I say after onto his back. 

"Haha is that you Kat, or is it some other crazy monkey I know." Says Alex in a not surprised at all in a normal voice. He knows I do that all the time. I try to scare him and it never works. Axel is a tall white guy, he's like 5'10" and has the best hair. It's like bleach blonde but completely natural, and he spikes it up, a lot. Haha on my birthday he dyed it and make it rainbow colors for me. He looked awesome. Tonight, he looks extremely hot, that's weird to say about my best bud, but I don't want to lie. 

"Haha maybe," I say with a wink, "Hi I'm Kat, what's your name?" 

"I'm Rebecca, nice to meet you," she replies with a twinkle in her eye and constant looks back at Axel. 

"Glad to meet you, hey Ax, how'd you two meet?" 

"From a party...." He says looking down at me, his eyes increased in size and I can tell he wanted more then a 1 day thing. 

"Oh well you two have fun! I'm going to the dining hall with Gaby, I'll catch y'all later," I say giving Axel one more huge hug. 

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