Something Unexpected

Katherine is a 14 year old girl, who just got out of middle school. She's onto will this summer start?


3. Home

The car pulls up to my house. It has gotten extremely windy, so my hair flips around as I get out of the car. I walk around the grass rectangle in the front yard and hop up the one step. I do a swing step up to my door then a final spin. I push my bag further up my arm so I am able to get my keys out of my purse. 

**pit, pat, pit, pat...**** gets louder as my dog comes barking to the door. Emma is my terrier. She is mid-sized, around 20 pounds, and has a great personality. I drop all my things, kick the door shut and fall to my hands and knees saying my hellos to her. I walk her to the backdoor to let her go do her business. 

"Mom? Dad?" I yell through the house. I think to myself, I guess they aren't home. SCREECH I hear on the door. Time for Emma to come back in. I stroll over to the door and open it, letting her jump inside. Buzz, my phone scares me. I take it out, "Hey you want get ready at my house? -Jackie" 

As I fall onto the couch, I hit reply, smoothly hitting all the buttons in a rhythm. I reply, "haha of course, just let me call my parents to see what's up first" 

"Kk" is all I get back. I roll over so I'm staring at Emma. I hit contacts on my phone, going to the D's. found dad, hit his name. It starts to ring.... 

"Hello," my dad says in monotone. 

"Hey dad! Can I go to Jackie's? To get ready for the party... Her mom can take me and bring us back!" I say trying to explain everything. 

"Okay, BUT what time are you coming back." 

Ummm shoot idk... I come up with this, "Can I ask what time we are getting picked up at and tell you once I know?" Genius, I know. 

"Kay, but don't forget. I have to go back to work, bye Kat."

"Thanks dad, bye." 


I run to my room, scream, and call Jay. "HEY!! My dad said yes!! I'll walk over once I get all my stuff I need to be pretty and ready." 

"Haha okay, don't hurt yourself coming over here... I need you in one piece. Cya in a bit, bye." Isn't that nice, don't hurt yourself haha she always says that to me. Anyways, I play some rocking pandora and grab a big bag. I slip my shoes into the bottom then my dress. I slid on the hardwood floor on my socks to the bathroom. I open the cabinet and grab my makeup bag. Okay, I am not one of those girls that wears makeup everyday and glops it on, I wear it for special occasions and pictures. I shove my new necklace in there too, with some diamond earrings. Anyways I almost forget my phone, a $20 bill, and my keys. I make sure Emma's food and water is full, say bye to her, and give her a cookie. Zoom, I'm out of the door as quickly as possible. 


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