Something Unexpected

Katherine is a 14 year old girl, who just got out of middle school. She's onto will this summer start?


4. Getting ready

The one time I actually go to the front door is today, I usually go in thought the garage or side door because Jackie's parents are always outside doing something. Anyways, so I get there and she comes running to the door, "COME ON, HURRY UP!!! Lets get ready for this legit party!" 

"Haha ganna get it on with Jacob...." I reply 

"Maybe...well lets get our hair done first" 

"SNACKS??" I ask without hesitation. 

"Of course." Then we go into her room and I set all of my stuff down on the round bright teal chair. I take my phone out and my bag full of makeup and such. I checks my phone to see if I get any texts and Jackie plugs hers into the iHome and we blast some imagine dragons. My phone says I got a text from my best bud, Axel. Well his real name is Xander(Zander), but I wanted a special name to call him so that's how that works. 

"Hey babe! You excited for the partaay?" 

I start to type super fast and Jay asks who it is. "It's axel, he asked if I'm excited, haha I think he is too." We all go to the same school and hangout together during passing periods and lunch, well while we can. 

"Haha ask him who he is taking," she orders me to do. 

"Psh, okay. Calm down. I am going to," I say. I text Axel back saying, "Hey, of course I am excited, kinda a ridiculous question. Anyways, bigger question, WHO ARE YOU TAKING?" 

In like 2 seconds, I get a reply," I am taking a girl name Rebecca. She goes to a different middle down town, she's smokin'."

"Oh great, replacing me again I see(: well I gotta do my hair and stuff! I'll text ya when I get there." 

"Okay bye babe(:" is his response. 

So back to getting ready to go, Jackie and I talk about Axel's date and how we look. Also curling you lashes to close to the lid hurts extraordinarily badly. I get all dolled up, I have mascara, light shade of brown eye shadow, fancy lip gloss and bronzer on. I feel like I look pretty good. Jackie does too, she has some DARK black mascara on, a light plum purple eye shadow, foundation and some blush. To top it off she has some sparkly lip gloss. We move to doing our hair. It takes a whole hour. Jay has some straightened locks with a big clip on bow on the back. I on the other had have loose curls all around my head. 

We make our way to get our clothes. Obviously we put the, on and look perfect. I grab my moms orange clutch and put my phone, money, key, lip gloss and something in case of emergency...if you know what I mean. Jackie brings a clutch too but with mascara added to the list. We call her mom and say we are ready to leave. Soon we are off... 


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