Something Unexpected

Katherine is a 14 year old girl, who just got out of middle school. She's onto will this summer start?


6. Dining hall

I grab Gaby by the arm and pull her away from a few random people she was mingling with. "Come on!! Lets go see what's up In the main room!" I suggest. 

"Okay whatever Kataroni," she replies with that horrid nickname. I know I love Mac n cheese but she took it to the next level. Anyways we walk in there, seeing a sea of people. On each side there a buffets and rows of tables, ready for people to sit in them. I was so ready for the best party of the year! I want to find Sam, but not yet I convince myself. We run into a load of people from school, they come from plenty of different cliques and groups. Personally I am a jock, or a nerd. Sometimes considered popular, but not normally. Gaby and Tarama and Jackie are in the same group. I say hi to the goths, and punks, hug most of the jocks and see some of the nerdy ones. To go along with all these people there are hundreds of high schoolers and people from different schools. 

We go to a table dead center of the room where most of our crew is. Tarama is with Ryan getting some grub, while Jackie is cracking up to this guys jokes. I know his from math, Wyatt. Haha he's a baseball player and never has any time of anything other than baseball. Well they'd be good together, I'll leave them alone. I turn my head and see Gaby in the middle of a group of guys, GETTING IT ON!! I preferably stay away from her when she gets in that mood cause she'll call guys or whatever. Ridiculous. 

Since everyone is doing stuff, I decide to go socialize with some other people from schoolio. Like Rachel and Amy. Those two are absolute hilarious. I think Rachel may want to party hard later, but I know if Amy does its cause Rachel will convince her too. I truly doubt she will. So, I walk over to them, you know the normal compliments and such. We go to the dance floor, and when I turn around I see Sam, with an amazingly beautiful girl. She's tall and has long brown curly hair, it looks like chocolate. She's wearing a purple dress with glittery pumps. I can tell she's a popular just by what she's wearing. Sam looks so happy, why can't that be me, I think to myself. I can't look anymore and proceed going to the dance floor. 

We be in a circle dancing like crazy teens doing to cat daddy and sponge bob. I know later it'll be grinding to the maximum. We party until Jackie steals me away to get food. We get in line and have to wait a solid 10 minutes. Too many people I tell you, I enjoy my food very much.  I fill my plate up. I have a salad covering 1/3 of my plate. With pasta covering the rest. I got cheese tortellini with a marinara sauce and plenty of Parmesan cheese. I have some dipping bread for the sauce too. Jackie got almost the same thing as me just with penne pasta and no cheese. 

We stroll back to the table drop our food off, and go to get drinks.

"yeah dude I haven't talked to him yet..." I explain. 

"That's okay, you'll have plenty of chances. I know you will." She tries to help so badly.

"Thanks haha I saw you earlier with Wyatt. I know you dig him." 

"Yeah...maybe hehe I got his number and we are going to hangout sometime soon!" She giggles at the soon part. 

BOOOM, I just walked into someone, shoot. "Hey I'm sorry, I didn't see you...." I start drifting off as I see its Sam. 

"Hey Kat, it's okay, I understand. I haven't seen you in awhile, how you doing?" He asks. 

Jackie quickly nudges me to leave and I nod. "Haha I've been pretty good, how 'bout you?" 

"Plenty busy, I miss seeing you and hanging out." 

"Yeah me too! We should chill sometime soon?" I suggest with a slight question. 

"Haha of course. Well I've got to get some food, I haven't eaten yet. I'll catch you later, maybe on the dance floor?" He says. 

"Mkay dokie. Cya!" Is my last comment and we go our separate ways. I catch up with Jackie and go get some Dr Pepper, my favorite!!! 

"So what'd he say?!" She interrogates me. 

"Oh just how we haven't seen each other and that we should hangout sometime soon... And he needed to get his food so we'll catch up later!" I exclaimed. 


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