Something Unexpected

Katherine is a 14 year old girl, who just got out of middle school. She's onto will this summer start?


7. Dance floor

She scratches. And we make our way back to our table. We stuff our faces with all of our food and I am done in almost 5 minutes. After another 15 minutes of people chatting at our table, Jackie says "let's make our way to party central!!!!" She means the dance floor since everyone is over there. We jam our bodies into the left center, dancing as normal. As soon as you can say party time, guys come up behind you and grind with you. Fun right? 

Anyways I need some water and go back to the table, fighting my way out. I gobble down a whole 2 glasses. And have to pee. I jog outside the room and into the corridor where the bathroom entrances are. It smells like flowers and fancy soap. I find the closest stall and see the fanciest toilet every. It has flowers carved into the sides, and the toilet paper is like roses and tulips engraved on it. 

I come back inside and see my worst nightmare, everyone is making out. I really don't want to get into the middle of it. So, I walk over to a table of some people I know form school. One girl sees me and says, "hey we don't need your kind here, we are good enough without you!" Like who says that. I go to tell Jackie and she doesn't hear me, she's next to the speaker. I can't find axel for my life and Gaby is trapped into the abyss we call the dance floor. I try to hunt down Tarama, but she's on the roof and I don't know how to get up there. I want to try to yell at her, but I decide to try a few more people before I go to that resolute. They have forgotten me. I feel horrible and down about my self. I feel worthless and like no one needs me or wants me there. I feel my eyes tear up and I run out of the room, I run out of the big huge door and outside.

It is pouring cats and dogs, I don't care. I keep running, around the house, and I spot a bench under a huge oak tree. It has so many leaves it makes the rain feel like a drizzle and not a pound. I run until I am before the seat. I sit down, sopping wet. I pull off my shoes, I wipe my face and breath. I can't stop crying, so I resort to pulling my knees up and crying in my hands. No one can see me like this, I need to be strong. Nothing works and I stay in that same position, thinking no one cares, why am I still here. 


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