Here or There

A girl Named Jessica Who falls in love with Harry Styles
And got Married


2. Love is Offcial

 "Day Three" I went to work he called me and asked me if i wanted to go to his band concert tomorrow at florida 6:00 am Witch his band name is OneDirection

I was obsessed with that band So i said yes! But the thing is , is that i dont know if were offcial i asked him and he said Yes! so i decided to tell my boss i needed a 2 week break and he said yes.



"Day four" I woke up at 4:50 and got ready and packed my stuff he picked me up from my house and we left we went to the airport and left california,  


"Day Five" it only took 1day and 18 hours to get to florida so we got to florida It was amazing there , We went to our hotel me and harry had one for us and he started kissing me when we got in our room and closed the door, We went onto the bed it got hot so we took our clothes off and he put his penis in my vagina and it got hard so cum got in my vagina, 


"Day Six" It was the concert day and we got ready we took a shower together and got dressed , so we went to the concert and he wrote a song about me and it was beautiful, After the concert i decided to take a pregnancy test with out Harry knowing and 3 minutes later It says Positive Omg I am pregnant !! So i threw my test away so harry wont see we went to a fancy Restrant and i told him He was Shocked and suprised i was suprised too he wanted me to take another test to see if it was positive again so we went to our hotel and i took it again and it said positive, he was crying he was so happy he loved me i loved him . 



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