Here or There

A girl Named Jessica Who falls in love with Harry Styles
And got Married


1. Finding Fantasy

Hi My name is Jessica This is my Story.



"Day One"  Today I was Working at a fancy restrant called Mongolian 

Than this Guy with Cute Brown hair With green eyes he was winking at me so i took his order,Than I reallised, he was HARRY STYLES!

so i shaked and shivered so he called me cute and pretty ''I think i might fall in love with him"

so he gaved me 50 dollar tip and his number , so i went home and called him he knew it was me cause of my voice He said tommarow we should Have a date at 4:00 than i said okay where? He said At the movie theater than i said okay:)  so i went home and fell asleep (Day two)  I woke up at 3:00  i got shocked and got ready real fast i showered and brushed my teeth and dressed up and got out of the house at 3:50 and drove at the theaters he called me and said if i was there i said im almost there so it took ten minutes to get there and i was there at the theaters and its 4:00 than i saw him and i winked at Harry and hugged him, we went and watched  scary movie 5 it was stupid/funny but after we watched scary movie 5 he took me home he walked me to my house and at the door  i looked at his shiny eyes and we kissed it was magical.

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