Here or There

A girl Named Jessica Who falls in love with Harry Styles
And got Married


3. Baby Bump

"5 month later" Harry took me to the doctor and we waited and registered, they called my name me and harry went inside they tested me and its a girl and my baby will come out 3 more months.

Harry took me on a date and he proposed to me and i said yes!

i want to be with him for ever i love him more than the world

"2 month later" Our marriage was today every one was invited even my best friend brittney louis is dating her! :) they look great together and 1 more month till my baby comes out! I felt a baby kick! and we are getting dressed and getting married i said yes and he said yes .

"1 month later" i was on labor and harry took me to the hospital and got my baby out and named her Maria



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