My One & Only

Clare is on her first holiday with her friends, since she's turned 18. Her best friend Chloe is dating Harry Styles and they meet the other boys from One Direction out there. What happens when Niall gives her his room key? See how she deals with her new "friend"! How they cope with bumps in the road and their journey in their "friendship".


5. Together

    I woke up to the light shining threw a gap in the curtains. I was asleep on Niall, I looked up at him but he was still asleep. All the memories of last night came flooding back into my head; the kiss, me falling a lot and then me coming in here, scaring Niall and going to asleep. They weren't bad thoughts, they were just funny and made me smile. 

    I got up off of Niall slowly- so I wouldn't wake him- and quietly left to go back to my room. I walked back to my room not falling this time and knocked on the door, because I forgot my key. I waited for someone to answer but no one did. I knocked again, but louder this time. The door opened and I was greeted by a very hungover looking Taylor; her long  blonde slung over one of her shoulders and her eyes were barely open. I walked in and Tara's bed was wasn't slept in, now I was getting worried. I got out my phone and went to ring her. It was only 9am but I rang her anyway. She answered on the third or fourth ring. "Hello?" she asked in a morning voice. 

"Hey, where are you?" I asked abruptly. She cleared her throat and began to speak again.

"I thought I was in our room, but I'm in Zayn's room... in his bed... beside him." She spoke slowly. 

"Oh... so you had a little fun last night, eh?" I said with a cheeky tone and then began to laugh. 

"Well to be quite honest, I have no clue what happened last night but what I do know is that I'm in Zayn Malik's bed and I'm wearing a pair of his shorts and his t-shirt." She stated. I laughed

"By the sounds of your situation, you did have fun last night." I said still laughing. She hung up on me and within 10 minutes there was a knock on the door. I answered and Tara rushed in past me. 

"Woah, that was fast!" I said, pretending to be surprised. She ignored my comment and walked straight to her suitcase. She got out some clothes and went straight to the bathroom. Taylor and I sat on the bed and waited for her to come back out.

    When she came out, she smiled and I began to question her, knowing she was in a better mood. "Do you really not remember anything from last night?" 

"Not really, I remember some stuff from the club but I can't remember anything after leaving the club, my mind has drawn a blank. What I do remember is both you and Niall disappeared for a while." She said changing the subject, sort of. 

"Yeah! Where did ye go?" Taylor asked.

"We just went for a walk outside the club because it was really hot in there." I answered.

"Are you sure you guys only just went for a walk?" Tara asked. 

"Well we found a bench, sat down talked. If that's what you wanted to know." I said sarcastically. I then blushed at remembering the kiss Niall and I shared. Suddenly both Tara and Taylor shrieked. 

"You kissed him. Didn't you?" Tara said in a high pitch voice. My cheeks began to burn the side of my face. They both shrieked again. Obviously my burning cheeks being their answer. 

"Okay. You have to tell us everything! Was he a good kisser? Did ye..." Taylor was cut off by a knocking at the door. I got up and answered it, expecting it to be Chloe. But no. When I answered the door, I saw Niall standing there with a concerned look on his face. It went away when he saw me. 

"Hey, did I wake you when you when I left?" I asked smiling.

"No, but when I woke up I panicked about where you went to." He said and then there was a silence. He broke it. "Why did you leave anyway?" 

I stepped into the hallway closing the door behind me because I knew the girls were listening. "I'm sorry, I felt a little bad intruding on you last night, especially when I was drunk." I answered his question. 

"It's grand I just thought you just didn't want to be near me or something." He stated. 

"Nooo, I love being around you Nialler!" I said cheerfully. "Oh.. and do you mind if we stay in and hang out tonight, it's just I've been out two nights in a row now and think I need a little break from the alcohol." I added, laughing.

"Yeah, let's have a movie night instead!" He said very enthusiastically. I smiled and nodded. "Okay,  so call up to my room after dinner or before I don't mind." He said smiling. 

"Perfect. So I'll see you later." I said and hugged him. He gave me a kiss on the cheek and walked off towards the elevator. I waited until the elevator doors closed until I slid down the wall with the biggest smile on my face. 

    I got up, turned around and knocked on the door. Both of the girls answered immediately. I gave them both a sarcastic smile and walked by them into the room. I still hadn't unpacked, so I did that. Then I got some clothes and walked to the bathroom to get showered and changed- I was the last to get ready. I left my hair dry naturally and then straightened it. I applied some mascara and a little lip-gloss. I wore my denim shorts with a white t-shirt  with the word "GEEK" printed on it with pink lettering and wore my white converse too.

    We all planned to go shopping today because I never showed up yesterday. We went to Chloe and Harry's room too get Chloe. Harry was going to hang with the boys while we were out and he wanted Chloe to have a girly day out with no boys. We all set off for the shops. 




    We got back to the hotel around 4pm and Chloe went back to her room. Tara, Taylor and I decided to have a 'laptop club' session- we basically all go on our laptops and talk about anything we see online. We stayed there for about an hour. We then got ready- I took longer because I was going to see Niall after. I showered, let my hair dry on it's own and applied little make-up. I wore my navy-blue floral skirt with a plain off-white top, a navy-blue cardigan and my white flats. We all then headed off to dinner. 

    Dinner was boring, the conversation dull but the food was good. Food is always good. After dinner everybody went to their rooms but I went straight to Niall's. I got to his door and knocked because I left his key in my room. He answered quick enough. He was topless and wearing joggers. I had to control my smile a bit, I looked like a creep. I walked in and closed the door behind me. 




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