My One & Only

Clare is on her first holiday with her friends, since she's turned 18. Her best friend Chloe is dating Harry Styles and they meet the other boys from One Direction out there. What happens when Niall gives her his room key? See how she deals with her new "friend"! How they cope with bumps in the road and their journey in their "friendship".


3. Talking

    We were walking out of the restaurant, I looked over to where Niall and the other boys were sitting but they were gone. I wanted to give him his key back along with a little rant about how if he wants me, he is going to have to ask me out. But now I can't. 

"Where did the lads go?" I asked Harry, while gesturing over to the table.

"They were finished eating when we finished talking to them." He answered. 

"Okay thanks." I said with a smile.

    I walked to the elevator to go to the 8th floor- his room was on the 8th floor. I got in the elevator and went to press the button for the 8th floor but then I remembered the others were there, so I quickly scanned my hand over the panel of numbers- making it look like I was confused- but quickly pressed the button for the 9th floor instead. 

    We all got of on our floor and went to our rooms. Once we got in I went and some day clothes on because I was just in joggers and a t-shirt going down to lunch. I quickly changed into black skinny jeans with an off-white lace top and my white converse. I applied a small amount of mascara and some lip-gloss, and braided my hair to the side.

    I told the girls i was going for a walk and left the room. I was walking towards the elevator at the other end of the hall, when Chloe called me from behind. I knew it was her because her voice was easy to recognize, it was a bit more high pitch than other girls when she talked. "Hey where are you off to?" She asked as I was turning around.

"Hey, I'm just going to go for a walk, my head is still sore. I thought a bit of fresh air might help me." I said with a smile.

"Okay, well I think me and Hazza are going to go shopping and we were wondering if you and the girls would like to come?" She asked.

"Well, I will join you guys after my walk. But go ask the others, I'm sure they'll go." I answered. 

"Okay, I'll see you later then, just text me when you're coming to meet up with us and I'll tell you where to go." She said smiling. I nodded and waved. I turned around and headed towards the elevators. I got in the elevator and hit the button for the 8th floor.

    I got to Niall's room and knocked on the door- I was not using his key to let myself in. He answered quickly enough and had a cheeky grin on his face when he saw it was me. I barged past him and walked straight into his room, it was pretty messy- he had clothes around the floor and his bed was quite messy. I turned around to face him and quickly started a rant. "Why did you give me your room key? Did you actually expect me to come up here and just throw myself at you? I mean come on if you want me, at least as me out or something. Like I would've probably said yes if you asked me because I mean who can say no to someone who has eyes like yours." I trailed off quickly because I didn't mean to say that last part. He smiled. 

"So you like my eyes, yeah?" He stated rather than asked. I blushed

"Well I mean there alright" I said looking at my feet. He smile faded a little.

"Oh... so there average?" He asked, less enthusiastic than before. 

"Probably better than average." I said smiling,  hoping to make him smile again.  He did. "Well I just came up here to give you back your room key." I added

"Fair enough" He said. He stared at me for a while before speaking again. "Can I ask you a question?" 

"Yes, what is it?" I said smiling.

"Would you like to hang out tomorrow or something?" He asked. I nodded. 

"Yeah, that would be fun." I said, smiling. 

"Where are you from?" He asked. Well that's a random question.

"I'm from Cheshire, why?" I said, giving him a wary look.

"No reason. But Harry's from there!" He said, laughing a little. Damn his laugh was perfect along with his accent, he really makes it easy for girls to fall for him. I gave a little smile. 

"Yeah, his girlfriend is my best friend." I stated, awkwardly. 

"Ohh, Cool!" He said louder than I expected him too. I just laughed. 

    He walked over and sat on his bed and patted the spot next to him for me to sit. But I decided to be different, so I sat on the chair near the window and smiled, proud that I didn't look too weird. Next thing I knew we were talking about anything and everything. He told me about his life before One Direction, him moving and then his visits home. He also told what life was like, being in One Direction of course. He asked me about me life back home and about me growing up. I told him. My life was okay, didn't have many problems at home, all honor classes so I passed my exams. We talked about our friends and other stuff too. I checked my phone to see what time it was, it was nearly 6pm. 

"I should get going, the others are probably wondering where I am" I said, smiling lightly.

"Oh, okay. Well the lads and I are going out tonight, if you and your friends want to come too. We will be leaving around 9, so we'll see ye in the lobby?" He asked.

"Ehmm.. Yeah, I'll let the others know and we'll see ye down stairs then." I said smiling. I began to walk towards the door, Niall followed me. When I got to the door I turned around and gave him a hug. As I pulled away from the hug he gently kissed my cheek and I blushed. "I'll see you later, bye" I said, walking out the door.

"See you then" He said and closed the door.



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