My One & Only

Clare is on her first holiday with her friends, since she's turned 18. Her best friend Chloe is dating Harry Styles and they meet the other boys from One Direction out there. What happens when Niall gives her his room key? See how she deals with her new "friend"! How they cope with bumps in the road and their journey in their "friendship".


1. His Attempt

"Clare! Where did I leave my eyelashes?" Tara shouted from the bathroom.

"You left them by the shelf" I said back to her.

"Thank You!" She shouted again, like she at the other end of the hotel.

    It was my first time going out since I've turned 18, not to mention being in London with my three best friends; Tara, Taylor and Chloe. Tara was in the bathroom getting ready, Taylor was next to me doing her hair and Chloe was in her own hotel room because she was with her boyfriend, Harry.

    Harry was tall- I was the same height as him when I wore heels-, he had brown curly hair that sat perfectly on his head and had green eyes that most girls loved. Well most girls loved him anyway because he was apart of the worlds biggest boy-band, One Direction. Yes Chloe is dating Harry Styles. 

    Anyway, right now I'm doing my make-up, still not in my dress yet -which I had to chose- and I had my hair straight and plain, as I do.  It took me a while to pick out my eye make-up but I finally settled on a smokey-eye look. I finished off my make-up and made my way to my suitcase to pick out a dress- I had brought way too many with me to begin with-, I wanted a dress that would go with my new heels I bought earlier today. They were black with gold studs at the back. I picked out my black dress that had lace around the hem, I paired it with my gold and black chain that Tara gave for my birthday last year. 

    I quickly changed and then I heard a knock at the door, Tara answered it because she was closest to the door. It was Chloe and Harry, who looked really sweet together. Chloe wore a skin-tight, red dress and left her long, blonde hair in curls. Harry wore a pair of black skinny jeans with a white t-shirt and blazer. 

    We went down to the lobby of the hotel and waited for the taxi to come  and collect us.




    We arrived outside a night-club called Heaven. The music was loud and that was when we were outside. We got into the club pretty quickly, because you know Harry Styles being with us and all. We went in and the place was full of people dancing and drinking. We were quickly taken to the VIP section. The lights were crazy and so colorful, I loved it!

    Taylor and Harry went and got the first set of drinks for everyone and I decided to drag Tara and Chloe up to dance. We were having a great time until some guy came up behind me and started grinding on me. I wasn't too happy. I turned around to give out to him but I got lost looking into his blue eyes. He smiled at me and someone bumped into me, bringing me back to reality.

"Why are you just staring at me?" He asked and I could hear his Irish accent clearly- I LOVE Irish accents!

   It took me a minute but then I realized... I was starring at Niall Horan! I don't mind OneDirection, I'm not a crazed fan but when I hear their songs I do sing along.

    I decided to keep with what I was going to say and still give out. He's not getting any special treatment from me just because he's in One Direction. 

"Why were you dancing up on me? I mean c'mon, I had no clue who you were! You don't just do that." I said.

    Just as he was about to reply Tara came over to me and gives him a shocked look, then shouts into my ear "You do know that is Niall Horan from One Direction?!"

"Yeah but I'm gonna be normal, kinda like I don't know who he is." I said with a cheeky grin back to her. 

"He's cute, you better go for him or I will." She said seriously and walked away. She must have had something up at the bar, she isn't the type to go around saying stuff like that about randomers and seriously too. 

    He was still standing there looking at me. There was a pause before he spoke. "I'm sorry, I thought you were someone else, but at the same time I'm not sorry." He said with a wink. I blushed. "I'm Niall by the way." He added.

"I pretty much sure everyone know who you are." I said with a little laugh. "I'm Clare." I added. He smiled. 



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