My One & Only

Clare is on her first holiday with her friends, since she's turned 18. Her best friend Chloe is dating Harry Styles and they meet the other boys from One Direction out there. What happens when Niall gives her his room key? See how she deals with her new "friend"! How they cope with bumps in the road and their journey in their "friendship".


4. Fabric

    We waited in the lobby for about 10 minutes on Niall and the others to come down. When they came down Niall introduced himself and the boys to Taylor because she didn't stop to talk to them earlier. They all said their hello's, I noticed when she saw Liam her eyes lit up. She always preferred him to the others, whenever we would talk about all she was interested in  was Liam and what was going on in his life, never any of the other boys. I guess she was freaking out in her head when they met. Once all the introducing was over, we all headed out to the taxi's outside. Chloe, Harry, Taylor, Tara and I all got in one taxi and the other boys got into the other. Niall told the taxi driver where we were going but wouldn't tell me. When I asked him he just smiled and ignored the question, I even used the puppy dog eyes. No one ever refuses my puppy dogs, well apparently now someone can.

   The taxi journey was quite, mainly just Tara teasing Taylor about her crush on Liam. I think Tara forgot about Harry being in the car with us because she kept going on and on about Liam. I don't think Taylor was too happy either. Chloe and I laughed though, it was more entertaining than serious too us. 

    The taxi pulled up outside a big night-club called Fabric. It had music blaring and seemed busy, there was people queuing down the street. Obviously it was a good club. We got out of our taxi's and Niall led us all up to a bulky security guard. We all were let go in straight away. The club was bigger that the one we went to last night and even more full of people, it was almost impossible to move. I was walking up to us drinks when Niall grabbed my arm and led me over to the V.I.P area. It was a lot less packed and was cooler (temperature) than the main part to the club. 

     Everybody got a drink and were all chatting; Zayn was sitting on the couch talking to Tara, everyone else was talking in a group on a different couch and then there was me standing awkwardly by myself. I needed to be more social so I walked over to the couch and sat down next to Niall. He turned around and smiled, realizing it was me who sat down. "Are you enjoying yourself?" He asked. I smiled.

"Yeah, it's great but it's really hot in here." I said fanning my hand in front of my face.

"Well do you want to go outside to cool down?" He asked. 

"Eh.. yeah, I don't mind." I said smiling. He laughed and took my hand and led me outside. The cool breeze was so nice, I was barely in there 20 minutes and it felt like I was in a desert. 

    We walked along the path opposite the club and only then I noticed we were still holding hands. Once I noticed I had felt butterfly's in my stomach, I don't why but it was so simple, yet made me nervous. 

    We walked up to a bench and decided to sit down. "You look really pretty tonight." Niall said looking down at our hands together, smiling. I started to blush.

"You look handsome too" I said and then he blushed. It was cute that I made him blush. But before the conversation went anywhere else he pressed his lips onto mine. I didn't know what to do really at first, do I kiss back? Or do I leave it with just a small kiss? I went with the first option and kissed him back. He pressed his tongue against my lips, wanting to gain entrance. I let him in and our tongues began to move in sync. The kiss became more heated and intense. We kissed for a while, but then I pulled away. I don't know why but I did. But he smiled. "Let's go back in and dance." I said as I stood up and fixed my dress. I reached my hand out for him to take it and he did. We walked back to the club with our fingers entwined.

     We walked into the club and I didn't feel as hot this time. We walked over to the dance floor and found the others and started to dance. I liked to dance- I'm not much good at it but  I don't really care what people think of my dancing. I was tapped on the shoulder and I turned around to see Chloe with a big smile on her face. "Where did you two go off too?" She asked pointing at both Niall- who was dancing like a crazy man- and I. 

"We just went outside to cool down, you do know it's like a desert in here." I stated. She just smiled.

"I'm sure ye cooled down alright." She said and made a kissy faces. I just laughed at her face and went back to dancing. Everybody was dancing and then drinking and then dancing some more and then drinking some more.By the end of the night all of us were pretty drunk. We got taxi's back to the hotel, the seating arrangements different this time. I was in a taxi with Niall, Chloe, Harry and Louis. And everyone else went in the other taxi. 

    When we got back to the hotel we all went to our own rooms. I got into my pajamas, took off my make-up and tied up my hair. When I came out of the bathroom Taylor was in bed, asleep already and I don't know where Tara went off to but I knew she was probably okay. I was really bored and not tired at all. I decided that  I would go on an adventure to Nialler's room but with my stability it was going to be a long adventure. I grabbed my phone and Niall's room key- I thought I gave that back to him, apparently not. I made out of my room and to the elevator only tripping once or twice. I got in the elevator and pressed the button for the 8th floor. I stood up straight when the doors of the elevator opened. His room was at the very end of the corridor, so this was going to be a treck. I walked out of the elevator and began to try and walk like a normal person until Igot to Nialler's room. I say I fell over about 5 times before I got to his room- gravity was not my friend when I'm under the influence of alcohol. 

    I used the key he gave me to let myself in, no one was in there but there was someone in the bathroom. I guessed it was him. I went to his bed and got under the covers because I was cold and waited for him to come out. 

    He came out in just his boxers and screamed when he saw me in the bed. "What the hell are you doing? You could have given me a heart attack or something!" He said walking over to the bed. I was too drunk to give a proper response so I just laughed. 

"Hi, nice to see you too." I managed to say. He just laughed. He got under the covers and pulled me over to him.I rested my head on his chest and he began rubbing my back. It was really relaxing. My eyes became heavy and I drifted off to sleep. 

















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