Harry... I'll change you.

Abigail, a 17 year old girl from Kent, wakes up from a coma. 7 years later. She has no idea who she is, or where she is, and her parents died during her coma. But mysterious and dangerous Harry Styles says he knows her and takes her home. Abigail finds out about his past, a history and drinking, drugs, and violence. Can she teach him to learn better? And will she teach him to fall in love? And will Abigail discover who she really is?


2. Just a kiss on the cheek?

- The next morning - 


My eyes fluttered open to a bright light coming in from the open window. I looked over at the time, 9:49. It took me ages to get to sleep last night, because O was scared I wouldn't wake up. I got out of bed, and dragged myself to the bathroom. It was the first time I had seen myself, and I was shocked. I was actually quite pretty. I had blonde hair which was just past my shoulders - they must have cut it while I was asleep - and I had bright blue eyes. I was pale, but That brought out my eyes more. I couldn't believe this was me. The bathroom door was thrown open, and I saw a very angry Harry.

"Whats the matter?" I asked.

"Nothing, it's just Liam. We need to go." Harry left and I got my clothes on Nd sorted out my hair. I walked out and Harry and I went to his car, and he drove to a shop.



Harry has spent a lot on me. I had lots of new clothes and toiletries too. When we got back Louis helped me put all my clothes into the huge walk in wardrobe, and put all my toiletries in my en suit bathroom.

"Thanks Louis." I said, and he kissed my cheek.

"Anytime." He walked out, leaving me standing in shock. No one has ever kissed me, not even on the cheek. I walked downstairs and everyone smiled as I walked in, except Harry.

"Happy early or late birthday Abi!" Everyone except Harry shouted. Zayn passed me a small box wrapped in pink tissue paper.

"open it!" They screamed. I delicately took off the paper, and there was s box for an iPhone 5. I looked at the boys confused.

"It's a phone. It's already set up, just take it out the box and well teach you how to use it." Niall said. I sat down beside Niall and we all fiddled with my phone. 



Since I came here I've noticed that Harry is very zoned out, he doesn't laugh or smile, never cracks a joke, in fact the only thing he does is look through his phone. I'd overheard the boys saying that he gets hate for no reason. Like hes famous and some people don't like him. Zayn said hes always been a little zoned out, but they thought he was just going through the phase of late teenage years. Liam said that Harry can't hide his emotions, and he is the scariest when hes angry. That reminds me, this morning before we left, when I was in the bathroom, I heard Harry shouting. It was loud and scary, and I could hear it clearly up in my room. I needed to find out more about Harry. And I will.


-The next morning-


I woke up around 7:20am. I got up and had a quick shower, putting on my black skinny jeans and baggy black hoodie. I brushed my blonde hair, and left it down. I quietly walked downstairs. It was only 7:30am, and I didn't want to wake anyone if they were still asleep. I tip toed to the kitchen and saw Harry.

"Your up early." I said, trying to make conversation. Harry just stared at the counter.

"Harry, come on. You have to speak to me. We've never had a proper conversation, and I'm supposed to live here with you?" I half shouted. Harry's eyes swung up to me.

"Morning." Was all he said. I sighed and sat on one of the stools.

"Whats the matter." I looked straight into those green eyes, demanding an answer.

"Its nothing. And anyway, if I told you, you'd not like me." His eyes shot down to the table again. I got up and stood beside him, turning his head to me.

"Now you've given it away. There is something to tell, but you don't want to tell me. Am I not one to trust?" I said. Our faces were awfully close now, and his eyes set me in a trance again. He leaned in, and our lips touched. It felt weird, and I had to stop it. I quickly pulled away, and ran upstairs, passing the boys.

"Abigail whats wrong?" Louis asked. I ran to my room and shut the door, leaning against it. Louis was trying to open the door, but I wouldn't let him. I finally came in, and fell to the floor crying. Louis sat beside me, rubbing my back.

"What happened?" He asked. 

"Everything." I sat up, Louis wrapped his arm round me, and the next thing I knew my head was leaning on his chest.

"What did Harry do?" He whispered, moving hair away from my face.

"H- he kissed me..." Louis looked like he was about to punch a wall. He got up, and went downstairs.

"Louis, what are you doing?" He ignored me and walked straight up to Harry. Harry's eyes darted to mine, anger in them. He punched Louis straight in the face, but he done the same. They ended up in a big fight, and I ran out the room crying. I locked myself in my room, and didn't want to leave.



30 minutes later, it had gone silent. It made me worried but then relieved, so I slowly came out of my room and went down to the living room. Louis was sitting on the couch, black eye, burst lip, blood nearly everywhere. The boys were trying to clean him up, but weren't doing a very good job.

"You guys wouldn't cope being doctors. Or paramedics. Or anything to do with cleaning." 

"Alright I'm going to Nando's!" Niall ran out the door, followed by Liam and Zayn. I sat beside Louis, getting a wipe and cleaning up the blood.

"Was it this bad?" I whispered. Louis nodded.

"I'm so sorry Louis." I was sitting right next to Louis now, faces close. Again?

"Abi, tell me. Did you like it when he kissed you?" He looked sad.

"No. It felt weird, and wrong." I shook my head.

"How about if I kiss you?" Louis leaned in, and touched his lips with mine. But it felt right. I let him kiss me, and when we pulled away he was smiling.

"It feels right." I smiled and we kissed again, but I kept feeling like someone was watching...

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