Your my Dream

I am Cathy Morris. I am 17 years old. I have been having recent dreams of a knight. Until, I meet a boy named Justin Bieber that looks very familiar....until...i realize it is the knight in my dreams..We both fell in love...Check out my reaction of what he is dreaming about also....its me.


13. Your going too fast but I will accept it.

It was already Valentine's day and Justin and I are going out for dinner. I wore this.

When we were finished with dinner. Justin kneeled down. I thought he was giving me another necklace. But it wasn't. 

           - I know we are too young. But i mean we are 19 years old. me, Cathy?

           - What? Justin. I love you. But are you sure? I mean if we are not responsible enough we would have to divorce and we can't see each other again.

            - Please! I love you Cathy! Look at all the people looking at us begging for an answer so they can Finish there dinners and get everything over with.

           - But Justin....

          - Please..please....

          - Yes! 

He was holding a diamond ring. I started crying wondering how I was going to explain this to my parents. But I loved Justin. He was my soul, my heart, my life...

 He put the ring on me and kissed me. I wanted to tell the news fast. Oh my god! I am getting married and I am almost in college. This is a shock to me. I am so young. What mistake have I made. I don't care. This is the best mistake I ever made. Justin and I arrived at my home.

            - Mom? Dad? Justin proposed to me.

My parents looked up. They looked shocked. My mom burst  out with cheer hugging me and Justin yelling out congratulations with dad. Dad was jumping and squeezing us. Danny was watching television and when he found out he kept jumping and jumping. Jaxon was happy too. But he is a baby. He might even cry two seconds later for no reason.

         - Wait you're not mad?

         - No we got married at some age near 19 too!




Justin and I successfully finished high school and we are not going to do college which is tough. But we will try. Today Justin and I are going to the doctor to see if it is possible for us to have a baby. But at the mean time Justin and I found a home.

When we got to the doctor. "We got bad news. She is too young for pregnancy." The doctor said. I burst out in tears. When we arrived home Justin asked me something. "Do you really want this child?" Justin asked. I sniffed and said "Yes, but it is not possible now." "Well my mom worked at the adoption center and she might have some options." he said "Options!" i yelled. "I want a baby not a option!" I argued. "Calm down. I am trying to help you Cathy. Look at you. Your in dreads" he told me. "Make the choice or not." He said. I was confused but I didn't want to wait. "Do it." I answered. He called his mom and she only had one child for us. And it wasn't a child. It was a 13 year old girl. No babies for me. But at least it was child. Her name was Lucy.

  "Hello Lucy." I said. "" she answered me. "You're calling me mom?" I asked. "Everybody I lived with hated me and by calling you mom I thought you would like me." she said. "I would always love you even though we just met." I said. She smiled. Now go to school. I kissed her on the forehead like I gave birth to her from the start. When she came back from school she was crying. "Why are you crying?! Oh my god!" I said. "EVerybody at school hates me!" she yelled. Held onto her. "What is wrong?" I asked. "I am ugly." She said. "Change me." she said again. "What?" I asked. "Your pretty! Change me!" she said. "Okay fine we'll go shopping. What is your?" I asked. She smiled. "Look at me. I love black." she said. "Can we go now?" she asked. "Sure." I said. We went shopping and we got these for her "goth type". "Okay. I got goth clothes but they are stylish." I said.


She saw the Iphone and the clothes like a pile of candy. "Thank you!" she ran towards and hugged me. I loved her more than anybody else. 

~Author's note~

Shocker huh? Yeah. I thought it should be more fast and intense because I am slowly getting lazy writing these chapters. Keep up for more Your my dream!  Comment below of what you think the story is like and if you really like it or think it expresses actual love and depression. And keep a look out new characters and smackdowns between Cathy and Lindsey are getting intense especially after Lindsey finds out the married couple.

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