Your my Dream

I am Cathy Morris. I am 17 years old. I have been having recent dreams of a knight. Until, I meet a boy named Justin Bieber that looks very familiar....until...i realize it is the knight in my dreams..We both fell in love...Check out my reaction of what he is dreaming about also....its me.


14. What do I tell my best friend?

 My cellphone rang. I picked it up. 

     - Hello?

     - Hey! How come I haven't seen you after we graduated. Whenever I visited your house she would say your out. 

     - Yeah i graduating high school......I thought I should get an apartment close to my college.

      - OO....can I visit?

      - Um...sure.

      - 13th Belsing street.

      - Oh....I have to say something.

     - Oh...what?

     - There is no college near there.

     - Oh. Yeah when you come over. I will tell you why.

     - I have to tell you something too. Bye.

     - Bye.

"Dad!" Lucy yelled. "What?" he yelled back. "Can I get a new phone?". "Heck no!" he said. "Why not?" she asked nicely. "YOu have an Iphone and that is it! There is no phone that can top an iPhone!" he said. "But dad! Everybody is getting a Iphone 4s and I want one too!". "No and that is it!"."Mom!". "I will get you it next use the phone you have now!". "Yes!" she said. "Your spoiling her!" he said. " She is a teenager. We all know we wanted cool phones when we are teenagers.". "Yeah but we didn't ask them two months later when they just got a phone." he whined. I sat on his lap remembering the days we were just dating. We are still teenagers with a 13 year old child. "DING DONG"


     - Alexis? Your coming today?

     - Oh yeah. I have to tell you something! John proposed!

     - Similar to my I am not going to do college because um....Justin proposed to years a go....

    - What? I wasn't invited to the wedding!

    - It really wasn't a was just our parents. In a backyard with worn out Christmas the fall....I was wearing my ninth grade back to school dance dress.


        - Are you serious?! You deserve a better wedding!

        - Yeah we are planning one right now for when we get older and we can tell everyone.

        - So re vows but telling everyone "He just proposed."

        - I know it is going to be tough but that is our idea. And yeah. 

         - he here?.........

         - Yeah....Lucy! Get your dad!

          - You were pregnant too? I don't think your baby could understand.

          - She is not a baby. We adopted her. She is thirteen. And I have to ask you something. Justin, Lucy , and I are going to the cliff for a picnic. Wanna come?

           - Sure!

           - Mom? Dad's busy.

Alexis looked at Lucy like a pile of gold. "Oh my precious. YOur gorgeous. YOu and I should go shopping together. I just got my paycheck. We can get everything you want with your aunt Alexis. Even an I phone 4s which is in for teenagers right now like me and your mom."

          - Mom..I love crazy aunt Alexis.

          - Lucy! Go finiish your homework. Heat up some hot dogs for dinner. You want to stay for dinner?

          - No thanks...I should be going...I will see you at your picnic....?

          - Oh yeah. Um tomorrow.

~Author's note~

Hi guys! The next chapter is the last chapter. 


But....there is going to be a series of many Your my Dreams....and the next book is about Justin. In his point of view.

Be ready for the next chapter. And

         I hope everything is enjoyable. PLease like, comment, and favorite. Be sure to check out my other books! But the second book of Your my Dream is likely to come very fast. But just saying i decided each book will be 15 chapters. But I am not sure if that is finalized. But enjoy. And be surprised!


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