Your my Dream

I am Cathy Morris. I am 17 years old. I have been having recent dreams of a knight. Until, I meet a boy named Justin Bieber that looks very familiar....until...i realize it is the knight in my dreams..We both fell in love...Check out my reaction of what he is dreaming about also....its me.


5. Shocker sister moment......what will happen?

Life was getting easier. Justin was getting less busy so we hung out a lot. Alexis is not mad at me anymore and she understands. But one problem, on that note it said a week or more. What does a week or more mean? I have no idea when my family was going to be back. The phone rang. I quickly picked it up before it went to voicemail.

                    - Hello? I said

                    - Hi sweetie pie answered by my dad

                     - What's wrong?

                    - Nothing sweetheart the family is coming back because your mom is making behaviors

                    - Like what?

                    - Throwing up, screaming, sleeping a lot I will explain later.

                    - Ok bye.

                    - Bye 

What did that mean? Was mom getting sick. Was she already tired of medieval times?  I was confused. I quickly cleaned up like it was when my family left. The doorbell rang. I knew it was them because Medieval TImes is not that far and after the doorbell I heard a key opening the door. My family got comfy like they were at home again. Mom really looked sick. But she seemed fine. At dinner, everything was quiet. Mom looked sick, my little brother Danny was crying, and my dad was trying to explain to Danny that mom was sick. Danny is always sad when we leave vacation early. It was so awkward. So I just shouted out "How was Medieval Times?" Danny was wiping his tears and he was showing me pictures. Danny was showing me a picture he took with a friend he saw there too.

Danny is the one in the crown. The woman is Danny's friends mom. Mom was taking the picture. Then, Dad started speaking "May I have the family's attention please, uhm this is hard to say. But your mom has been pregnant for a few months. Um we already got the is going to be a boy." Danny looked up to dad like he was a hungry bunny. I could see that tears were slowly falling down his small cheeks. He ran to his room and shut it. I knew that he wouldn't lock it because he is scared if the door is all the way closed. So I shot like a bullet to his room and slammed opened the door. He wasn't there. His room was connected to my parents room so I ran to my parents room. He wasn't there. There was a patio door connected to my parents bathroom so when I saw the bathroom door slightly open I saw the patio door wide open. I ran outside to the patio. It was empty.

I was worried he could've been anywhere at this time of the night. I couldn't just give up and look in the morning. Something in my mind was telling me something "Ask your knight....Ask your knight" I just listened to my brain. I closed my eyes my knight kept saying "Our love starts in parks...Our love starts in parks" I realized in my dreams my knight and I fell in love in a park. "The park...the park" I kept saying while fiddling with my fingers. The park! I took my dad's car and drove to the park. I went searching and there he was. It was Danny and another young man that looked my age were sitting together.  I couldn't see the guys face but I got closer. They were under a tree talking. I only heard venting. They kept talking about there problems. I ran towards Danny because I was worried the person will hurt me. i realized I should run because that guy can hurt Danny.  When I touched Danny. I turned to take a quick look of this guy so he wouldn't bother Danny again. But Danny was blocking my view. 

                                - Look at my new friend! Danny said

I shoved Danny gently to the side. It was Justin with him. What was Justin doing there? 

                                - Hi..he said while giving me a light kiss on the lips

                                - EWWWWW! Danny yelled

                                - Your kissing a stranger! Danny yelled again

I was shocked how Danny only worried me kissing a stranger.

                                 - Danny this is my boyfriend...Justin.

                                 - Oh um am i bothering? Justin asked

                                 - No um...but can I speak to my brother?.....alone. I said

                                 - OK.

Justin left and it was only me and Danny.

                                 - Danny! Why did you run off like that! 

                                - I am sowwy. I got scared that mommy and daddy will love the new baby more than me and you.

Danny always speaks in a baby voice when I am about to give him a lecture of doing things that are not right.

                                 - You got me worried! Didn't you feel violated with a stranger like that!

                                 - But hes yo-your boyfriend .

                                 - But you didn't know him before I told you! It is late night and there are many bad people! Your lucky that was my boyfriend with you!

I realized I was yelling instead of a lecture. I guess I was so worried he left I had to make him understand so he doesn't do anything bad again. Danny was holding on to me like I was his stuffed turtle. I was so frustrated I said "Let go!" Danny immediately started crying because I always let him hold me like that. 

                                - Look I am sorry....tomorrow afternoon we will go to the park and buy you ice cream..ok?

Danny didn't answer but he wasn't crying. He forgot about me yelling to him saying let go so he started clinging on to me again. 

                                 - I love you, Cathy... you're the best sister ever.                                

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