Your my Dream

I am Cathy Morris. I am 17 years old. I have been having recent dreams of a knight. Until, I meet a boy named Justin Bieber that looks very familiar....until...i realize it is the knight in my dreams..We both fell in love...Check out my reaction of what he is dreaming about also....its me.


12. Regular life.

~Author's note!~ was guessing the baby's name so...I decided to tell you. Carry on and enjoy!!




I walking with my little  baby brother, Jaxon. I took many photos to catch the memory.

He has changed a lot! Justin called and wanted to hangout. I put Jaxon for a nap and I went. I wore this.

I couldn't find anything to wear so I found something as casual. When I saw Justin at main street he was standing near the bus stop.

               - Hey.

               - Hey.

               - So Cathy. Wanna hear the schedule for today?

                - Sure. Why not?

               - We are taking a trip to....


                - Hollywood!

Since I told Justin everything one of things were that it was my dream to go to Hollywood.

               - We are first going to a fancy EXPENSIVE lunch for two. Extra money for privacy in the banquet hall. Just you and me.

               - Awww...Justin you don't have to pay too much. I can split if you want.

               - No today I am going to treat YOU.

               - Wait?!

               - What?

                - Look at what I am wearing. We can't go to a fancy dinner like this. Can we stop by my house for something good to wear.

               - Okay.

I quickly changed into a pretty dress. I was going to wear my homecoming dress but it turns out that the cleaners messed the WHOLE dress up. So I wore this.

What I hate is when girls have to go out and wear something fancy and guys don't wear anything fancy at all and they are still considered fancy in a restaurant dress code. I mean look at Justin's clothes.

Anyway, he is looking hot so yeah. And it is a little fancy because he has a dress shirt.

                - Ok I changed. Continue with the schedule.

                - After the lunch. We will go see the Hall of fame?

                - Why question?

                - I don't know the name but I am talking about the star thingies.

                - After that...we

                - Yea....we will...

                - One day I took your phone and called your mom and asked her if I can me her over dinner. So your whole family is going to book a dinner at the restaurant across the street from my house.

               - Thats perfect!

I wanted Justin to meet my family. When we had out fun day we headed back home we all got dressed and we met Justin at the restaurant. Everybody got dressed.

Danny wore this.

Jaxon wore this.

Mom wore this.

Dad wore this.

I wore this.

And when we arrived we saw Justin wear this.

When my Justin saw danny he gave him a gift. It was clothes.

The clothes look like Justin's clothes except smaller. "I wanna try it on!" Danny cried. "Danny. This outfit is too big try it on when you are in sixth grade."

Justin gave him more clothes that were his size.





We ate dinner and my parents thought Justin was a PERFECT INFLUENCE ON ME. I loved Justin he is perfect for me. 

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