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I am Cathy Morris. I am 17 years old. I have been having recent dreams of a knight. Until, I meet a boy named Justin Bieber that looks very familiar....until...i realize it is the knight in my dreams..We both fell in love...Check out my reaction of what he is dreaming about also....its me.


10. New family member. EXPLANATIONS.

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-No dance


-Lost child

-Found child?


Looking at Danny. I was confused but he was found or did he find me? I didn't care I hugged him to death and he was ready for a punishment.

   - Danny! Who picked you up! And why did they use my name!

   - You weren't coming. So I told her that you were waiting for me outside. Then, I walked home and there was note signed from the hospital. Since the hospital was near by I ran there and tried to get to mom's room but since the gates were closed I came from the back and I saw you were crying. What happen sis?

He slowly leaned towards me and comforted me. He was the best little brother.

    - Um. I was crying because I couldn't find you and you couldn't see the beautiful baby.

    - It doesn't matter! I don't want to see that stupid baby!

    - Danny!

Danny looked down at his stretched out legs. He looks guilty as usual.

    - I am sorry.

    - Look, when you were born I wasn't happy either. But you couldn't talk or run so it took time to understand each other's feelings. Now that we tell each other how we feel...we know that we are not annoying or mean.. so you need to wait until the baby grows up to trust you like I waited for you to trust me and understand me.

Danny gave me a hug and I told him where to go. I left the building and told mom that I left Justin. Right at the point when I was going to leave I kissed mom, Danny, and i even decided to take the baby gently out of mom's arms and kiss him on the forehead. I called Justin and told him everything. He told me to meet him at the school parking lot and i did. I knew my dress was still at the cleaners and the cleaners were closed. So I just grabbed something from my closet. I wore this.



I saw him at the parking lot. I ran towards him in my extremely tall heels. He grabbed my waist and kissed me so light I could barely feel it. I bit my lip and he was blushing so hard his rosy cheeks were making him look like a sweet strawberry. We slow danced and he twirled me around. He walked me to the park and we were lying in the starlight. He sat up and i sat up too. We stared at each others  eyes. 

       - I want to ask you something.

       - Sure Justin. Go ahead

       - Tell me all your secrets and I will tell you all mine.

That is when it happened. I didn't know what to tell him. Our relationship was getting serious and there is no secret I could tell him. Then it hit me so hard the banging through my head was sign to tell him about my dreams. I mean he told me the first time I met him so why not I tell him. 

         - Before I met you... 

         - Yeah...

         - I had the same dreams as you except in my point of view.

          - Are you mocking me?

          - No..No...ask Alexis....I mean you trust me right.

He leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and he said that he will always believe me. But why would he assume if I was mocking him? Whatever. He was still in his suit and tie from the dance. He took off his suit and tie and was just in his undershirt.

         - It is hot outside.

         - Yeah its very humid at night nowadays.

It was so awkward. I saw a beanie clutched in his hand so tight you could see his veins popping out. I grabbed the beanie and I put it on his head. He was just so perfect and he was all mine. He walked me home. I suddenly remembered that I had to pick Danny from the hospital. So I just walked out with normal clothes.


Dad came home late at night from Detroit. while I was still awake I told him about mom and he ran to the hospital and stayed with her all night.





Hey guys! I am going to go a little fast and skip two months later just to speed you guys up! In the next few chapters there is going to be intense smackdowns between Lindsey and Cathy and beautiful moments with Cathy and Justin. Now, I don't want to tell you too much but there might be a new addition to Cathy and Alexis's friendship. Now I am not saying it is bad it is good. But this a MAYBE. I am still not sure if I should have the new character. So, in the comments below write predictions,guessing what the baby's name is, what is going to happen between cathy and justin, and predictions of possible smackdowns with not just Lindsey but MAYBE some other few people....


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