Your my Dream

I am Cathy Morris. I am 17 years old. I have been having recent dreams of a knight. Until, I meet a boy named Justin Bieber that looks very familiar....until...i realize it is the knight in my dreams..We both fell in love...Check out my reaction of what he is dreaming about also....its me.


15. Ending.....:)

Today is the the cliff. I can't wait! My whole family is going to be there including Justin's family and Alexis. Once we got there looking through my car's transparent windows. I see Justin and Lucy running towards everybody. Walking towards everybody we start talking and laughing about the past. EAting our delicious food we feel a little breeze and we don't worry about it. The breeze was getting stronger and stronger and we were starting to worry. The table was blowing away and it fell down the cliff. We look behind us and there was a huge twister coming towards us. Feeling the gushing wind pushing everybody almost near the edge of the cliff. I drop down to the ground and hold on tight trying to make sure everything is doing the same. Lucy was still on her feet trying to het down but she couldn't even move because it was frightening. The twister was right behind Lucy. "LUCY!" she couldn't hear anything. Her feet were dragging closer and closer to the edge. The wind got stronger and I watched Lucy fall down the cliff while crying so hard. Everybody's hands were getting weak and they couldn't hold on longer. I tried to stay strong and I did. But everyone was rolling and they all fell down the cliff. I was still holding on and i was the only on the cliff. I screamed so loud watching everybody fall. I wanted to die too. But I closed my trying to let go. Falling into sleep making sure i relaxed my hands and die also. But when everybody hit the ground. I was still half way towards the edge of the cliff. Then I woke up. There was no breeze anymore. It was dark and warm. I see my self on somebody's chest. Candles everywhere. I see a granite counter table with fresh fruit on it. I looked at the person's face. It wasn't anybody I knew. I was hallucinating thinking Justin was somewhere here. "Justin..." I said slowly. The person woke up and said "Yeah..." Then I realized everything was going fast because 

I was dreaming. The note on the fridge said "Hey honey! We will be back in an hour! DAnny went to a birthday party!" Thats means my knight was never true. I just thought the person looked like my knight. Alexis was never mad at me. Lucy was never true. JAxon was never born. The person brushed his hand through my hair and I said "Stop..I am confused right now....I can't...can we just be friends?" I said. "Sure? Are you okay?" He said. "I am fine....I am not in love with you Justin...I don't know who I am even in love with." That means the knight in my dreams was never in the real world. The Justin I was with never looked like my knight. NOthing happened. I was just dreaming. I know I will never fall in love again because I am always going to tell the knight in my head "Your my dream..."

~Author's note~

Hey guys! Well, that was the end!

Wait...There is a little sneak peek of the new book coming out why don't you read it?


Your my dream

Volume 2

Was I ever you knight?


Blurb: My life. My way. Who cares if she rejected me. But I can't stop thinking about her. A few minutes ago she was on my chest hearing my heart beat so loud because she was close to me. I wonder what is going through her head. Hi, I am Justin Bieber. I am going to find out why this girl,Cathy Morris doesn't love me anymore and I will get her to love me for who I am. And she will give me an explanation why she doesn't love me. But, if it never works out...should i give my heart to Lindsey?


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