Your my Dream

I am Cathy Morris. I am 17 years old. I have been having recent dreams of a knight. Until, I meet a boy named Justin Bieber that looks very familiar....until...i realize it is the knight in my dreams..We both fell in love...Check out my reaction of what he is dreaming about also....its me.


1. Dreams

    Cathy....Cathy.....I love you.......I am your knight in shining armour....I am falling off the bridge for you can love you can still dream about step closer and I am gone Cathy.........

      - "MY KNIGHT! MY KNIGHT!" I yelled in my sleep.

     - "Sweetheart are you ok!!" My mom yelled from the distance.

I woke up after the yelling. It was dead silent after that. Its the first day of school and I see the same dream every day. I walk into the bathroom washing my face. Brushing my dark brown hair. I wore this to school:
























I run down my narrow staircase and I take a cereal bar. I kiss my mom on the cheek and I mess my little brothers hair up and kiss him on the cheek.

   - "See ya later scamp!" I told my brother after kissing him on the cheek

I love my little brother. He is probably the most innocent eight year old. He will always listen to me and he probably always listens to me because I am over protective.

I was waiting for the bus and I see my best friend Alexis.

      - "Hey!!" I hug her instantly after saying hi

     - "OMG!!! I love your outfit." Alexis complimenting me.

    - "Thanks." I said

      - "BRAT ALERT!" Alexis whispered

She was talking about Lindsey Stallow. The most popular girl in school and the most ugliest girl in school. Well Alexis and I think she is ugly. They actually have a rating list for everything. Best boyfriend, Prettiest, Most popular all those kind of stuff. I am not in the boyfriend rating list because I don't have a boyfriend I am inlove with a fictional person in my dreams. I am actually the third prettiest in the rating chart and it is killing Lindsey. But I am the least popular. Everybody is friends with me except they don't want to be seen with me. Like, one girl in Lindsey's "possy" was my science partner last year and we were the best of friends. And we still are except nobody knows.

      - "Hey look guys its the losers without a car." said bratty Lindsey

     - "Your being a bi-" I stopped Alexis.

I just can't stand Lindsey and I want to curse at her too but I just don't like cursing. When the atmosphere is filled with cursing I just have to leave. Well, that is the way I was raised. And that is the reason nobody wants to be seen with me it is because I am a "goody goody". I am not ugly, weird, or poor. I am just a stupid goody goody. The girls left into their sports car. And our yellow bus arrived. Alexis and I were probably the only ones without a car and that means we were the only ones using the bus. We arrived the school and while I was running to see my friends that are not embarrassed to be near me I ran into a guy. He was tall with brown hair and eyes. He smiled at me and said sorry. But when he turned around he looked familiar. Oh my god! He is the knight in my dreams! We had a connection when we bumped into each other there was electricity. I can't believe it but how come the fictional character in my dreams is true.

     - "Hi" he said 

    - "Uhm hello." 

    - "I am sorry. I bumped into you. I am Justin. I am new."

   - "Oh. Cathy. I can give you a tour...If you want." I asked

   - "Really?! I have no idea where everything is." he said enthusiastically.

  - "Yeah. Sure Uhm Can you please show me your schedule?" I asked 

When he handed me the schedule our hands touched. There was a spark and I swear both of us can see it. When I looked at the schedule it was exactly like mine. They were all the same classes. It was like we were destined to be with each other. 


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