Your my Dream

I am Cathy Morris. I am 17 years old. I have been having recent dreams of a knight. Until, I meet a boy named Justin Bieber that looks very familiar....until...i realize it is the knight in my dreams..We both fell in love...Check out my reaction of what he is dreaming about also....its me.


8. Does he love me?

I am so mad! The dance has been pushed down three days later because the chaperone was going to a funeral today, then the chaperone is going to visit her family, and then she is going to the hospital to visit her mom! And she happens to be free three days later. I still haven't figured out which dress I should wear but I think I should wear the pink one it matches my complexion. Justin called. I picked it up.

                       - Hi..Cathy.

                      - Hi Justin.

                      - I have to tell you something .

                      - What?

                      - I was lying about Lindsey and me.

                       - WHAT!? 

                      - Look I have a reason.

                      - It was a test if you really admitted me as your boyfriend.

                       - Aw..really?

                       - Yeah meet me at the park.

                       - Okay. Bye

                       - Bye.

I can't believe it. He really wants to go out with me! I knew he loves me. I knew Lindsey wouldn't get him. He is all mine.

This is us at the park.

We were having so much fun. He kneeled down on his knee. It was a silver rectangular box in his hand. He opened it up and it was necklace. It was so beautiful.

                       - I love you, Cathy..will you go to the dance with me.

 I smiled and kissed him. He loved me. 

I loved the necklace. He went behind me and moved my hair and put the necklace on me. It looked perfect.


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