Your my Dream

I am Cathy Morris. I am 17 years old. I have been having recent dreams of a knight. Until, I meet a boy named Justin Bieber that looks very familiar....until...i realize it is the knight in my dreams..We both fell in love...Check out my reaction of what he is dreaming about also....its me.


9. Actually the Dance. "Are you sure about that?"

Finally the dance is here. I can't wait. But I still need to get my dress cleaned, hair done, and manicure finished. I called Justin 5 times to see if he is ready but he didn't pick up. Now what am I going to do?! I have two hours for my dress to get cleaned. My appointment for my hair is in one hour. And I need to find a way to get a booked appointment for my nails. I call the nail salon. I dialed the phone number.

          - Hello? This is Soothing Life on the phone. I am Nicolette. How may I help you?

          - Yeah hi. Uhm can I book an appointment for a manicure. It needs to be quick.

          - Sorry all the booking is full because of lots of high school's back to school dance. I am sorry.

          - Are you sure? I really need this appointment. Please! I can pay extra!

         - Sorry but we can't do that for you. I don't take bribes.

         - But I need this mani-

         - I am sorry but can  you please hold. Another customer is calling.

         - Wai- !

She hung up on me. i was mad. I was frustrated. Should I just go to that crappy salon across the street? I decided I should because what else should I do. I was about to leave the house until I hear screaming. Oh my god what was happening? 

        - Sweetie! Sweetie!

        - Mom!?

I ran up the stairs in confusion. I saw my mom on the floor. There was water everywhere. Mom was ready to give birth!

         - Mom! I am going to drive you to the hospital! 

         - But you don't have a car.

         - Oh.

         - Mom stay there. I am going to try to call the ambulance!

         - Cathy! Don't leave me!

         - Just wait there!

I was getting more frustrated. The dance. Dad was in Detroit for a business trip. So that meant I had to stay with mom. I called the ambulance. Once the ambulance came I had a brief conversation with them.

         - Sir! I need you to take my mom to the hospital.

         - Wait..don't you want to come!
         - I have to get my brother and pick up my friend's mom's car.

         - Wait isn't school over?

         - He has after care. But i will pick him up quick please just keep her healthy.

 I was worried. What should I do!? I had to call Justin but there was no time. I hope he doesn't get mad. I mean it is just a dance, right? "No time for panicking for the dance." I kept mumbling to my self.  In a blink of an eye I was already at the school. When I ran into the after school classroom. It was empty. There was a teacher there. She was working on papers. I was worried where Danny was. So I had to ask.

          - Uhm. Excuse me? My little brother was at after care he is on the list.

          - Oh what is his name? I mean everybody got picked up.

          - Danny Morris

          - Oh he got picked up already.

          -  With who?!

          - A girl named Cathy Morris

          - Excuse me? But I am Cathy Morris

          - Sorry there is no time for jokes. You know it is wrong to prank teachers like that. Please leave.

          - I am not lying! Where is my little brother?!

           - Leave now!

I left. I ran outside to see if he was there. Where was he? Now I have three things to worry about. Justin, Mom, and Danny. What is going to happen when mom finds out. I got three calls. From the cleaners, the hair salon, and the hospital. I was worried to death. I didn't know what to do. I ran to the hospital. I was waiting to tell mom later because she is in labor. The baby was right in front of my face. If only Danny was here to see his new little brother. This was him.


 He was adorable. I miss Danny. I immediately started crying. My mom wondered why but didn't ask. I ran out of the hospital. Dragging myself to the back of the hospital in tears. I was against the brick wall. I slowly fell to the ground. My face was in my cuffed palms.

          - Sis?

I thought I was hearing things. i looked up. It was Danny.    


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