My Missing Princess

This is a story about a 19 year old girl called Mehireen and her bestfriend Clarii with a twist of Justin Bieber. What will happen when Mehireen gets into Relationship with Justin Bieber, and it becomes a brutal relationship because he always gets jealous with Nialler. Read the story. Enjoy!


4. The meet up.... with Christian Beadles?

Mehreen's P.O.V 

Hmm, This is they day I've been waiting for!! I'll be meeting Justin! Yay! I wonder what to wear? Which shoes to wear? What hairstyle to put? and, what to tell him when I see him *.* what to-

"Mehreen?" Clarii called distracting me from my thoughts

"Yeah?" I answered back

"Are we.. uhm, Ya know? meeting Justin for real?" She asked unsure. Damn! What happened to this girl? So shy? or..?

"Yeah.. It's for real. What Happe-" 

"YEEAAAAH! WOOT! WOOT!" Clarii yelled happily

I should have known this would happen. *mentally facepalmed myself*

"Soo.. What are you gonna wear? what shoes? Awh! Geez, I'll be the third wheel!" Clarii asked non-stop then frowns slightly

"Dude,! You won't be the third wheel! You're my bestoo! So, no no" I arugued, making her smile

"Okie Dokie!" She said, Now in happy mode! Mission Accomplish. woot! woot!

------ Outside OfTAC-O Bell x'D -----

Wow, Aren't we late or what?!

"Aren't we late?" Clarii asked actually reading my thoughts. wow?

"I don't kn- Oh! Look! It's Justin! with a guy!" I said with excitement 

"What? He's with a guy? Who???" Clarii practically yelled in my ear

My heart kept on pounding as they come closer to us. Oh My Bieber!

"Hey girls" Justin said with a smile

Gawd! Someone hold me! asdfghjkl

"H-h-ey" I sutter. God what's wrong with me?

"Babe.. why are you sutturing?" Justin asked kinda worried

"Uhm.. Nothing.." I said too quickly?

"Okaaaay. Let's get the tables!" Justin Friend said whom I learned was Christian. Christian Beadles

Clarii's P.O.V

Wow, Christian is hot like no doubt. Imma make this guy mine. LOL whut? 

"Hey" Christian said flirting?

How about a game of flirt? I thougt

"Hey! Wassup?" I said happily. Sorry to ruin the moment Chris

"Ruin the what?" Christian said confused

"Woah, Did I say that outloud?" I asked more like to myself

"Yes. You did!" Christian chuckled 

"Uhm, Sorry" I said blushing

"Awh! You look cute when you blush and I like the name Chris" He said winking

Chris? Whaa? Oh yeaaah.. trolol. I mentally laughed

"Guys! Let's get in!" Justin yelled who's ahead of us with Mehreen.

Note to self., Thank mehreen when we arrive home

"Let's go m'lady" Chris said extending his arms for me

"Offcourse" I said holding his hand.

TAC-O Bell. Here we come!

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