My Missing Princess

This is a story about a 19 year old girl called Mehireen and her bestfriend Clarii with a twist of Justin Bieber. What will happen when Mehireen gets into Relationship with Justin Bieber, and it becomes a brutal relationship because he always gets jealous with Nialler. Read the story. Enjoy!


26. Sky Trip? XD

Mehreen's P.O.V 

when we got out of the van, I heard a thousand of people shouting, some shouthing "One Direction" and the some of them were "Justin Bieber" .. I think, My ears got numb.  

Liam was holding my hand, he is so nice, he was being a big brother to me, But people won't think like that. Paps were coming around us, first they came to Clarii,  

"Clarii, Is your relationship with Harry over?"  

Clarii went in the airport and avoided them.  

Then they came to me..  

"Mehreen, Aren't you in a relationship with Justin? Why are you here with Liam?" the reporter asked until Niall pushed me inside with Liam. Everyone was now inside the airport.  

"I didn't expect that coming!" Liam said 

"Mehreen!" I heard someone called me, I recognised that accent, It was Justin. I ignored him, until he confronted me.  

"Mehreen!" He exclaimed 

"What do you want?" I asked with the rude tone.  

"Did you see what just happened?" Justin asked 

"Umm, which part?" I asked 

"When they think, you're with Liam." He said 

"Oh, okay. So?" I answer 

"They'd think bad about you? You're being a slut for goodness sake!" He shouted 

"Me? A Slut? Excuse me? I didn't stick my boobs at Liam, I didn't kiss him, I wasn't even too close to him, If they only knew, I feel like, The guy I love only wanted to have sex with me and he called me a slut, Cool, Justin, Really cool." I told him. I was crying saying those words. I ran to the toilet, I was still crying, I heard someone knocking.  

"Who are you?" I asked 

"It's us, Clarii and Amreen!" Clarii said, and by that, I opened the door.  

"Mehreen, tell us what happened" Clarii said, I told what happened, that Justin almost had sex with me, and yeah. They felt so sorry for me, Tears were coming off my eyes. They came and hugged me 

"Bitches! I don't need your affection!" I said sarcastically, which made us all laugh.  

We went out of the toilet, All the checking was done, We only needed to wait 30 minutes to wait. I sat in the waiting area beside Niall.  

"Hi Baby!" I greeted 

"Hi!" He greeted  

"I Like your eyes, Oh no, I Love your eyes." I wishpered 

"Aww, Thanks." He answer 

We 2 were the only one sitting, The others were standing and checking their phones.  

"Mehreen, I Love you." He wishpered 

"Aww, Baby, I Love you too" I answer, Ofcourse, he told me he loved me in a baby voice. So I didnt take it seriously.  


Niall's P.O.V 

mehreen told me that she loves me eyes, We even returned I Love you(s) .. It was really cute. Though I know it wasn't for real. 

"Flight K962 to the philippines arrived" I heard from the speakers  

"I think that's our flight, baby" Mehreen said, I always felt butterflies when she calls me baby.  

Mehreen's P.O.V 

"Okay, Come on Guys!" Justin declared. 

We all went together, I kept my distance with Justin, But unfortunately, My seat was with Justin, I asked Louis to change seat, he agreed. Ofcourse, I told Justin. My seat was in between Harry and Niall.  

"Hey baby!" I greeted Niall 

"Hey, you cheeky pervert" I greeted Harry.  

"You have no Idea!" Niall sighed 

"Well, You have no idea how perv I am!" I answer 

"I challenge you!" Harry told me 

"You sure, bruh? I can make you horny as f*ck" I told harry 

"Make me!" Harry said 

"Wait, Listen and Learn from the expert." I told harry 

"Niall, Do you want to eat? I have some chocolates here in my bag!" I told Niall 

"Yey! Okay" I said 

He started to eat a bar or chocolate, he went to sleep.. I was being his mother in the flight. 


Harry's P.O.V  

"Mehreen? The challenge?" I asked 

she turned to me, she started wishpering in my ears.. "Who do you think is the hottest here?" 

"That girl over there!" I pointed 

"Don't you think Clarii is hot?" she asked 

"She's hot but she's with Mir" I answer 

"Oh okay, Here hold my hand, I'll tell you some pervert things, and when you get hard, You tighten your hold okay?" Mehreen told me.  


She was doing something unusual, she came near to my ears, she was holding my neck to bring my head nearer, everyone was sleeping, nobody noticed,  

She started talking "I want to ride you! Just imagine you coming infront of me and start kissing me, and I wont stop you from doing it. I'll kiss you so hard, that you'll want me, you'll beg for me" and she bit my ears. That turned me on, I then realized that I was holding her hand too hard, and I was having an erection. She touched my hard tong, And gave a gentle touch, Before she could even open the zip- 

"Harry get up!" Someone shouted 

I woke up, I was having a wet dream, that too because of Mehreen, To be honest, I had a wet dream about Clarii too. I felt so guilty yet so hard. Mehreen was sleeping on my shoulders. I was feeling so weird. I was feeling like a weird person, And I know, I really wanted her. Not only her, But also Clarii. I was being crazy, I went in the toilet, washed my face.. And came back, I saw Clarii Sleeping on Mir's shoulder, I then realized I shouldn't be feeling this. All what I feel is wrong. Wrong.

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