My Missing Princess

This is a story about a 19 year old girl called Mehireen and her bestfriend Clarii with a twist of Justin Bieber. What will happen when Mehireen gets into Relationship with Justin Bieber, and it becomes a brutal relationship because he always gets jealous with Nialler. Read the story. Enjoy!


29. Rape

Author's note: Guys, In this chapter it would be full of Mehreen's P.O.V or Justin or Harry's. And this chapter is dirty. You can skip this chapter if you want. 


Mehreen's P.O.V  

"Harry, stop!" I wishpered 

"I won't. I wanted you. I always did. I want you! And now that you're in my hands, I won't let you go!" He said and he started to unbotton my shirt. I heard footsteps coming towards us. He got off me and went to the toilet. 

"Mehreen, You're here?" Niall asked 

"Oh Yes, I'm helping Haz with arranging." I answer 

"Oh okay, Lunch is ready! Just get down" Niall said and left.  

Harry came out and his erection was gone now, I think, he wanked in the toilet.  

"Harry, I never want this to happen again" I declared 

"But Mehreen, I felt you, You wanted me" He protested 

"No! Harry, this is wrong. This is really wrong."  

"Okay, Mehreen" He answer 

We got out of the room, he smacked my butt. Now, he completely disrespects me. When we got down, Our Lunch was Bacons and roasted carrots. 

"Carrots!" I exclaimed 

"Yeah, Is there a problem?" Louis asked 

"Problem? No, I love carrots! Finally, there's someone who understands my feelings." 

"Oh, boy" Clarii sighed 

we were done eating until, Louis suggested to go for a walk, They all went except for me. I was changing, I wore a bikini, I was planning to swim. Until, I heard men talking, I took my hoodie and wore it, And was wearing nothing under. I went near to the sound.  

"Did you get her?" I heard, I was sure it was Justin's voice 

"No, she stopped me, I almost had her" the voice was recognisable too, it was Harry's  

What were they talking about? Were they talking about me? Was this all a game? Was this all planned? Was this all a play? 

"Justin, I want to f*ck her" Harry said 

"I want to do it too! I tried doing it with her the other night but she negleted, one more thing, I think I'm falling for her" Justin said 

"You're falling for Mehreen? Dude, remember, this is all a game." he exclaimed.  

"What the fuck?" I yelled 

"Mehreen? What are you doing here?" Harry said. 

I went to Justin beating up his chest, I was so hurt.. 

"Justin! I thought you love me!" I yelled 

"I can explain!" He shouted 

"I don't need your bullshit!" I yelled 

I ran to my room.. I was standing infront of the door. Crying. My heart being teared apart. I was dieing in pain.  

"Open the door!" Justin yelled 

"I had no lock on the door. He pushed the door, he was very strong, by one push, he opened the door. 

Harry came in too.  

"Why are you crying, beautiful?" Harry asked and Justin was smirking.  

Harry held me, I tried with all my force to move them away. Justin hit me straight on my stomach.  

"Aaaah!" I screamed. And I was out of my balance. I fell on the bed. Harry kissed me, Justin teared my hoodie off. I was only covered with my undergarments. Someone removed my bra off, I didn't know what was happening. I was just busy crying and wishing someone would help me.  

I felt someone feeling my tits. Someone removed my panties. I didn't know who's hand was whos. I came in my senses, I was being raped. 

I scream my lungs out. I felt someone's **** get in my vagina. I felt like my vagina broke into 2 parts. It hurted like hell, I was left unconcious. I woke up in the middle of the evening, Justin was beside me. I was scared, I was having a trauma.  

"Good Evening babe!" He said and I slapped him.  

I ran out of the room, everyone was laughing down, they were watching a movie.. I saw Harry. He winked at me. I felt scared. I ran to Liam's arms.  

"Mehreen, What's wrong?" Liam asked 

"Liam, They're coming for me, Liam, help me." I told him 

"What's happening to you?" liam asked 

I felt unsecure. I didn't anyone to come near me. I ran from Liam's arms. I started crying. I ran to Niall's room where he was eating.  

"Niall! Protect me, please" I scream 

"Mehreen, what's wrong?" He asked 

"Please, don't let Justin or Harry come near me!" I shout.  

"Why?" He asked 

"They took my virginity away, they ripped my clothes, they took my dignity away from me. I want to die!" I scream 

"No, Mehreen, Sssh. Just stay here, No one can come near you." Niall said protectively.  

Under his arms, I felt so secure. I felt really secure. Liam came in the room, I asked him to stay with Justin, When he went to Justin, Justin told he'll be with Harry. Liam shared the room with Louis. And Justin and Harry together, maybe planning for their next rape. I don't know what to do.  

I heard someone crying, it's Nialler 

"Niall, why are you crying?" I asked 

"It's just that, Justin don't deserve you!" He said 

"I know Niall, I know."  

"How can you just let this happen?" He ask 

"I didn't have a choise. I was lost. I didn't know what to do." I answer 

the only thing he did was let me rest on his bed while he kept a pillow in between us. Niall was not like any other guy. He was the perfect guy. A perfect guy who would never be with someone like me, I'm messed up. So messed up.

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