My Missing Princess

This is a story about a 19 year old girl called Mehireen and her bestfriend Clarii with a twist of Justin Bieber. What will happen when Mehireen gets into Relationship with Justin Bieber, and it becomes a brutal relationship because he always gets jealous with Nialler. Read the story. Enjoy!


27. Plane Fun?

Louis' P.O.V  

Harry was stuck in a dream, I don't even know why this is happening to him. This is the second time this month.  


Harry's P.O.V 

Ugh, another time this month, I think I need to stay far from girls. Who'll be next? Amreen? Urgh.  


Justin's P.O.V 

Louis is sitting with me, How I wish that I could sit with Mehreen, She exchanged seat with Louis, I don't know, I'm so stupid for what I did.  


Clarii's P.O.V 

I woke up in between, It was time to eat. Mir took chicken fillet, I took beef, he was feeding me, it's soo cute. :'')  


Mehreen's P.O.V 

It was time to eat, The Flight stewardess was standing beside Justin's seat. They were talking. They kept on talking, Just because I ignore him, it doesn't mean that he can flirt with other girls. They kept talking until she called for more stewardess, god knows, what they're talking about. Ugh, oh well. I see people come close to me,  

"Hello ma'am, My name is Nicole" the lady introduced herself 

"Hi, Nicole." I smiled at her 

"Justin wants to ask you for a private dinner in our secret cabin" she said 

"Tell him, I decline it!" I answer 

"Please ma'am?" she forced. 

"No!" I exclaimed and they left me 

"what was that about?" Niall asked 

"Nothing baby, are you done eating?" I asked 

"Yes." He answer 

"Okay, Now, go back to sleep, we're having a long flight." 


Niall's P.O.V 

After eating, Mehreen asked me to sleep again, she was very caring, that's why, Justin loves her.  

"What's wrong with you and Justin?" I asked her 

"Oh, nothing" She lied 

"Mehreen, tell me! You can trust me" I told her 

"Well, its just that, he tried to have sex with me last night, I wasn't ready, I'm still holding on my virginity." she told me.  

"Wait, you're still a virgin?" I asked her confused 

"Yeah, wbu?" she asked me 

"I'm a virgin tooo!" I told her 

"Oh my god, I think, we're the only one." She said 

"Oh, what about Clarii?" I asked 

"Dude, I think she've done it with Mir, Like DuH!" She said 

"Ooh, spooky." I said which made both of us laugh. 

"Okay, Now, Go to sleep" Mehreen told me 

"Okay Beautiful!" I told her 

"Beautiful? Aww thanks. I Love you!" Mehreen told me.  


Mehreen's P.O.V 

I saw Justin coming closer to me, He caught my hand, he was telling me to keep quiet because everyone was sleeping. I didn't want to wake them, so I just followed him. We went in the toilet. An unexpected place 

"Mehreen, We need to talk." Justin said 

"Nice place to talk" I said sarcastically 

"I know right" He said. He came closer to me, held my hand,  

"Mehreen, I'm sorry!" 

"I'm really sorry" 

"Mehreen, I Love you" 

"Mehreen, I'm really sorry." 

"Mehreen, gimme one more chance!" he said continuously while I was quiet. 

"Justin, I Love you too, but, I'm not ready for what you want, I'm really sorry too, I messed up, I'm just trying to protect myself." I said 

"Mehreen, I'm really sorry. I Love you." He told me 

"I don't know" I SIGHED 

"Mehreen, when I get out of this toilet, we're not together anymore, and it means, that we're completely not together!" He said and opened the lock. 

"Justin!" I called 

"Yeah?" I heard him and he gave a smile.  

"I love you, and I would never want to lose you" I told him, trying to make eye contact with him. 

The next thing he did was, he kissed me. I felt the spark running through my spine, and a number of butterflies.  

I got out of the toilet, he did too.  

"Bye Honey" I kissed him again 

"won't you sit with me?" he asked 

"No, I need to take care of Niall" I said 

"What about me?" He gave a pout. 

"Oh Love, don't be jealous." I told him 

"Okay Love" And he was trying to kiss me again, I put my finger on his lips.  

"You had many already" I told him 

"Oh lol, okay" he blushed 


Mir's P.O.V 

"baby, I Love you." I told clarii 

"I Love you too" Clarii wishpered 

"I want to marry you" I wishpered 

"I wanna marry you too" she wishpered 

"What a coinsidence!" I wishpered 

"When are we getting married?" she asked 

"Anytime honey" I wishpered 

*Kiss* "I LOVE YOU" She wishpered 

"ILoveyoutoo" I answer 

"ILoveyoumore" She protested 

"Let's be together forever" I said 

"Yes Honey." She answered 

we kissed again and again and again, until we got tired, and slept. 


Zayn's P.O.V (finally) 

I was sitting beside this chick, her name is Amreen, She's Okay, She's pretty, short and I think it's cute. Well, I'm sleepy. Good Night :D

A/N: Well, that's it for the update. Hope I covered all the days Mehreen missed! XD

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