My Missing Princess

This is a story about a 19 year old girl called Mehireen and her bestfriend Clarii with a twist of Justin Bieber. What will happen when Mehireen gets into Relationship with Justin Bieber, and it becomes a brutal relationship because he always gets jealous with Nialler. Read the story. Enjoy!


19. "Niall, Justin is my boyfriend.."

Niall's P.O.V 

Nandos was just blocks away from the bookstore. Harry ans I wore sunglasses and a hoodie, so people wouldn't recognise us.  

"Hahahaha!" Mehreen Laugh 

"What's so funny?" I ask 

"Its just that you look so funny!" She answered.  

"Wow! I'm offended!" I told her 

"Wait! I'm sorry!" She was sorry 

"Mehreen, I'm not really offended, I was just kidding!" I told her.  

"Well, you better be!" She answered.

We've reached Nandos in 15 minutes. We got in and took the last corner. So people won't shout for them. A waitress came infront of us asking for our order.  

"PERI PERI CHICKEN !" Mehreen and I exclaimed 

"Wow, okay. You couples are cute!" The waitress complimented.  

"Oh! We're not together" Mehreen told her.  

"But they will be! Anytime soon!" Harry added 

"Harry! She's in a relationship with Justin!" Amreen told  

"What?!" Niall and Harry exclaimed  

"Ahem Ahem? Your order please!" The waiter asked 

"4 plates of Peri peri chicken and 2 banana shake and 2 mango shake!" Mehreen ordered.  

"I want Banana shake!" I screamed 

"Yes! Niall, its for both of us!" Mehreen said 

"I Love Mango!" Harry said  

"I Love it too!" Amreen added  

They looked at each other until they started to glare at each other for more like 10 minutes.  

"Umm Guys? Sorry for ruining the moment, but the food is here!" Mehreen interrupted them.  

"Oh Yeah!" Harry said blushing.  

We started eating eating and watching the small TV infront of us.  

"Today, We will be interviewing the one and only Justin Bieber!"

"Mehreen! look! It's Justin!" Amreen told her. Mehreen started blushing as fuck watching Justin, I could say I was feeling abit awkward. I looked at Harry, he was busy watching.

"So, Justin, How do you feel about the fans you have out there?" The interviewer asked..

(I = interviewer. J=justin bieber)  

J: Oh, My beliebers? I really Love them, They are only mine. And They are really incredible..

I: Aww. That's really cute. How are you after the break up with Selena.

J: I was sad at first, But now, I'm really fine. Real Fine.

I saw Mehreen frowning abit as they started talking about Selena.

I: Okay, Justin, I will show you some pictures here, and you have to tell me how it means to you, Ready?

J: God! Sure.

I: Picture no#1  

(It was a picture of Justin's car )

J: Oh! That scared me for a little.

I: why?

J: Nothing..

I: Well, tell me, what is this car to you?

J: This car, Was my gift to myself. It's like through all the hard work. I bought something for me as a remark of that hardwork.

I: Oh! That's so nice of you Justin. Okay, we move on to picture no#2 

(It was Justin's mom as his OLLG)

J: That was on mother's day! that wasn't enough. but I just wanted to show the world how lucky I am having her as my mom..

"Justin is really so sweet!" I heard Mehreen say.

I: How sweet of you Justin! Okay, Now let's move to our last picture. Picture no#3  

[ It was a picture of Mehreen and Justin in the Airport! Remember when they took Amreen and Mir ] 

"Oh My God!" Amreen exclaimed.  

"Sssh!" Mehreen called

J: I know this was coming! *smiles* *blush* Ummm. Mhm..

I:Justin, why can't you speak? the last 2 pictures, you were full of words.

J: I know right.

I: So, Who is She?

J: She is Mehreen.

I: Who is Mehreen?

J: Mmmm.. Ummm, Mehreen is my girlfriend.

I: Since when?

J: 2 weeks ago.

I: Oh! We have many questions lining up from twitter. Question#1 

"Is she a rebound of Selena?"

J: Nope, She is not a rebound of Selena. She is different. Never call Mehreen a rebound. Because she never treated me like how Selena did.

I: Okay. Question#2  

"Is it true that Zayn is the reason behind your break up with Selena? Yes or No?"

J: Yes.

I: Question#3 "How can you love Mehreen? I heard she's a muslim!"

J: *silent*

I: I respect your silence.

J: I Love her, No matter what, Even when she talks about Niall Horan too much, Even if she's a muslim, even if anything. I love her. Respect it.

I: Okay.. Justin, Is she a good girlfriend?

J: Damn yes! She is.

I: Here's the telephone, Call her.

J: Sure.

*Phone Rings* (M: Mehreen, J: Justin, I: Interviewer, N: Niall, H: Harry, A: Amreen)  

M: Umm, Hello?  

J: Babe?  

M: Justin, Love.  

Audience: Awww.  

J: You're being heard worldwide  

M: I know, Love.  

I: Mehreen, Where are you right now?  

M: Hii :D We're here in Nandos.  

I: We? whom are you with?  

J: She's with her friends.  

I: Which Friends are they? Mehreen can you open your video?  

M: Sure. *opens video* Hello, I'm with Amreen, my bestfriend  

A: Hi!  

M: and with Niall and Harry from One Direction  

H&N: Hello Guys.  

I: You're with them?  

M: Yes.  

I: Okay.. I'll ask your number from justin.  

M: Sure.  

I: Bye for now..  

J: Babe, I love you.  

M: I love you too Love x  


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