My Missing Princess

This is a story about a 19 year old girl called Mehireen and her bestfriend Clarii with a twist of Justin Bieber. What will happen when Mehireen gets into Relationship with Justin Bieber, and it becomes a brutal relationship because he always gets jealous with Nialler. Read the story. Enjoy!


13. Nandos and One Direction

Justin's P.O.V 

Christian parked the car exactly infront of nandos. I was playing with Mehreen's Palm. I was really very happy when Mehreen Confirmed she loves me.  

"So, this means we're officialy together" I asked trying to be sure 

"Yes, Justin" She answered 

"You already said that okay? Don't take it back!" I said 

"I won't Justin, Unless, Niall Horan comes along! haha" she said sarcastically.  

"Ugh Mehreen" I said annoyed. 

"Okay, Sorry" she apoligised 


I opened the door and let Mehreen out of the car, She woke up Clarii and I caught Mehreen's hand and we four entered Nandos. 


Mehreen's P.O.V 

We got in Nandos, Justin and Christian went towards the cashier to order our food, it was kind of a restaurant that even if you're a celebrity, You get the food by yourself.... Then I was looking at the door, and when the door opened, I saw 5 guys enter. I looked at their faces, And Damn,it was One Direction, I was scratching Clarii's hand.  

"what the fuck Mehreen?" 

"Cl-arii look! It's One" 

"One what?" 

"One Direction"  

"what? where?" 


they were coming closer to us! God! Can this be heaven?! And asked us if they could sit with us, Before I could Answer, Justin and Christian came along.  

"Niall!Harry!Liam!Zayn!Louis!" Justin called.  


"Justin, why dont you introduce us to these beautiful girls here" Liam suggested 

"Oh yeah! Boys, This is Clarii"  

"Hi!" Clarii exclaimed and I saw Harry winking at her. 

"And this is Mehreen"  

"Hi! I'm Mehreen"  

"Hi Mehreen" Niall wishpered and shook my hand, I gave my hand, but after a minute, I wanted my hand back! He was lost in a different world.  

"Umm Niall? My hand?" I ask 

he did not response at all..  

"Niall! Her hand!" The boys exclaimed.  

"Ahem Ahem! Someone's inlove" Zayn Teased.  

Everyone started to laugh, except for Jusin.. He told me to sit beaide him, when we all sat, Niall was sitting right infront of me while Justin was sitting beside me. Niall and I kept on talking about many things like how we loved to eat. And suddenly I recieved a tight hold on my hand by justin, which pains alot. And that was the first time Justin hurted me. Ii just tried to understand him as he might have got jealous.. because of the attention I give to Nialler.  

At last we finished eating and went out of the restaurant, before I could ever get in the car, Niall ran to me and asked for my number, I looked at Justin and he was showing me the signs thatIi should not give my number to Nialler. I gave it to Niall, add he went in Liam's car. I went in the car. I was scared, because Justin might hurt me again.  


Author's note: Umm, Hey guys? Thats all for today, I'll try updating again later. xoxo

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