My Missing Princess

This is a story about a 19 year old girl called Mehireen and her bestfriend Clarii with a twist of Justin Bieber. What will happen when Mehireen gets into Relationship with Justin Bieber, and it becomes a brutal relationship because he always gets jealous with Nialler. Read the story. Enjoy!


33. Leaving

Harry's P.O.V

"You? Justin? Argument? No way!" I exclaimed

"haha, Thanks Harry" She waved me goodbye.

I felt guilty. I wish I had an amnesia instead of her. Or I wish I could turn back time. I kept thinking, I layed on my bed and I fell asleep.


Mehreen's P.O.V

I was in my bed. All I remember was Justin. Tears kept rolling down from my eyes. I went to Clarii's room, hoping I could spend the night with them. But, they were sleeping. I then went to Zayn's room, hoping to get some advice, but he was sleeping. *tap* *tap* I heard some noise coming from the kitchen. I took a baseball stick with me, Maybe, there was a theif or something. I went down, I walked slowly, When I went there, I raised the baseball stick, I was going to hit the man, I saw it was Niall, I lowered the stick which made me hit his dick.

"holy fuck, Mehreen!" Niall yelled

"I'm so sorry Niall, I thought there was a thief" I trued to explain.

"Come, sit here in the sofa, We'll try to figure out what to do" I said. I was holding him for support and he kept on holding his crotch.

"Mehreen, Damn! It hurts!" Niall moaned.

"Urgh, I'll just get some ice!"

---------------------------------------- Liam's P.O.V

"Holy Fuck Mehreen!" I heard Niall moan. Isn't it too fast for Mehreen to move on? I went out of the room, I saw Niall sitting on the sofa. And Mehreen was sitting below the sofa, wait, she's holding Niall's dick?

"Ahh!" Niall moaned

"Do you feel good now?" Mehreen asked

"Yes, Mehreen!" Niall said

"What the fuck are you guys doing?" I yelled at them

"Oh, Hi Liam" Mehreen greeted

"Hi Liam, Ouch!" Niall screamed and held his dick

"It'll be okay" Mehreen wishpered

"what were you guys doing? Were you guys making out?" I asked unsure

"Liam, No!" Niall yelled. Mehreen told me what happened.

"Sorry Guys..." I said.

"Aww, Liam, It's Okay."


Niall's P.O.V

Damn, this hurts and what Liam though was embarassing as fuvk.

"Niall, Can you stay with me for the night?" Mehreen asked "Sure." I answered

"Thanks Niall, You're my guybestfriend. You will always be my bestfriend" She said leaping. So here, I am, Her bestfriend. Is this gonna be like the movies? That I Love her and she doesn't knows because of us being 'bestfriends'.. Ugh..

"Mehreen, it's getting late. I think we should go and get some rest" I asked her

"I don't want!" She said in a 5 yeard old tone.

"Oh Come on!" I said "Catch me!" She said and stuck her tongue out. I hold my crotch and started running

. "Ouch!" I cried

"Niall, Does it still hurt? Urgh, let's go to the room" She said and helped me. We got in the bed. "Niall, I think you should go in the toilet and check your *cough*. It might be bleeding or something" she said. "Okay, Mehreen" I said. I went in the toilet and I looked at it, it was okay. It just hurts. I came back, I saw Mehreen feeling cold. "Mehreen, why don't you change into some long some long clothes" I suggested "Okay, Niall"

She said. She stood up, took a pair of pjs and a long sleeve shirt. She wore the pjs first. Actually she was wearing a long shirt. Now took off the long shirt, exposing her bare body only covered by her bra. "Niall, Don't look!" Mehreen yelled I closed my eyes, and she came beside me. I think she removed her bra. "Niall! Let's sleep!" Mehreen clapped like a 5 year old girl. "Okay, Good Night" I said and we turned in opposite direction. After a minute, I turned back again and she did too. We were now looking at each other. We were too close to each other. "Niall! Your eyes are adorable!" She said. "Your cheeeks!" She said and pulled them. "Ouch" I said slowly. "Niall, don't be such a pussy" Mehreen yelled "Ugh, what?" I asked "Wake Zayn up" Mehreen said winking at me. "What?" I yelled "Wake Zayn up!" Mehreen repeated "What? He'll kill me" I said "Oh Come on! Don't you have the guts to do it?" Mehreen asked "I do" I answer "Then do it" She said "I won't ! You naughty girl!" And I tickled her. "Niall stop! Justin!" She said in between. "You miss him?" I asked "I don't know Niall" She answered quietly. "You really love him?" I asked "Hell Yeah, I do" She answered "When we go back to england, I'll come with you and we'll talk to justin" I said even when it hurted me. "Really?" She exclaimed "Yes!" I answer "Thanks Niall!" And she kissed me on my forehead. "Okay, Beautiful, Go to sleep!" I told "You Too, Love" She said.. "Niall, why is my happiness important to you?" Mehreen asked "Remember we're bestfriends!" I answer "Are you sure, maybe you're inlove with me!" She teased "what if I was?" I looked at her dark brown eyes. And we chuckled. "You almost had me in that moment" Mehreen said "Oh, haha!" I laughed. "Good Night, My Bestfriend" She said "Good Night!" I told her everything went calm and we slept.




Mehreen's P.O.V 

"Aaaaaaaaaah!" Someone screamed which woke me and Nialler.  

"Who is that?" I asked 

"It must be Liam!" Niall answered 

we came out of the room, everyone else too, we were rubbing our eyes. I saw Liam down.  

"Liam! What's wrong?" I asked  

"Our flight is after 3 hours!" Liam shouted 

"whaaaat?" Clarii yelled 

"Yeah! Just go and pack, I'll explain when we're back in England!" Liam yelled.  

We went back in our rooms.  

"Niall, Fast!" I yelled giggling.  

"Mehreen! Go and pack too" He yelled 

"Oh, yeah!" we giggled. I ran to my room, I eventually fell down. Lolol, I ran to my room, and took my bag down, I packed all my dresses not in the correct form. Finally, I was done. I went down in the kitchen, to grab some chocolates, you never know when you need it!  

"Come on guys! Are you all ready?" Liam shouted 

"Yes!" we all shouted in unison.  

We all were standing together. And waiting for a taxi to come..  

"Damn! We only have 1 hour" Louis pouted 

"We'll get there!" Niall said 

"Guys, I don't think a taxi will come. We need to take a jeep" Clarii suggested 

"But, Clarii, They can't ride a jeep, They're superstars!" I said 

"No problem Mehreen, we have our hoodies and glasses." Liam said 

we got a jeep, there were people inside. We rode it. We arrivd the airport just in time.  

"Fifteen minutes guys" Zayn said. 

We all rushed and we heard the call for the passengers. We got in the plane. Yes! I am sitting with Zayn and Niall! I don't talk to Zayn much, but I wish I will get to. I looked around, wait, where's Mir and Amreen? I asked shocked. I saw Clarii and Harry sitting together, As the plane wasn't moving yet, I went and talked to her.  

"Clarii, where's Mir and Amreen?" I asked quietly.  

"Mehreen, please don't ask" She said.  

"Clarii, where are they?" I asked 

"Please sit in your seats as the plane is going to fly" I heard the speakers.  

"Harry, go sit in my seat." I said Harry and he agreed.  

"Now, tell me, what happened?" I asked Clarii 

"Mehreen, he left me" Clarii said shuddering.  

"what? Clarii, tell me what happened"  

"It was yesterday, it was late at night when I woke up, Amreen wasn't beside me. I went in the toilet to check, she wasn't there. I went and checked your room, no one was there, I checked Niall's room and I saw you guys sleeping, you looked so adorable. Urgh, forget that. I went in Zayn's room, he was sleeping but Mir wasn't there. I had this big doubt. But I didn't let it go to me. I went down to fetch a drink, I saw Amreen and Mir kissing. Mir was squeezing her breast and kissing her, Amreen was holding his face feeling what was happening." Clarii said crying.  

"What did you do?" I asked 

"I went near them, Mir saw me, Mir held me and started to kiss me. He was expecting to have a threesome. I slapped him along with Amreen. I kicked them both out, but I did it quietly. I didn't want anyone to know" She said 

"Clarii, how do you feel now?" I asked  

"I feel bad, real bad.. Thank god, I wasn't so inlove with him" She said 

"Bestfriends, same fate" I said.  

"Haha Mehreen, and can you go and let Harry sit here?" Clarii said 

"Oh, LOL" I said 

"But, Clarii, Don't fall inlove fast" I teased her 

"Mehreen! Just go already!" Clarii said 

"Oh, lol, okay.." I agreed 

I walked to my place,  

"Harry go! And please flirt with Clarii" I said 

"Oh Sure, I will!" He said and we giggled.  

He stood up and now I was sitting in between Zayn and Niall.  

"Hi Zayn" I greeted looking at him 

"Hi" He said shyly.  

"Don't be shy Zayn! We're friends!" And I gave him a big cheeky smile.  

"Thanks Mehreen!" He said 

"Zayn, be comfortable!" I said 

"Okay Mehreen" he said patting my elbow. And I smiled. 

"Niall, how's your crotch?" I asked 

"It's Okay now Mehreen" Niall answered 

"Okaay" I said and I smiled at him 

"Mehreen, I'm hungry" Niall wishpered 

"You're lucky Niall, I have a chocolate here!" I said 

"Yey!" He giggled like a 5 year old  


Author's Note: Hey guys! Sorry this chapter is so short, because I'm currently sick. But, I'll try updating. I love you guys x

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