My Missing Princess

This is a story about a 19 year old girl called Mehireen and her bestfriend Clarii with a twist of Justin Bieber. What will happen when Mehireen gets into Relationship with Justin Bieber, and it becomes a brutal relationship because he always gets jealous with Nialler. Read the story. Enjoy!


32. Jehreen is over

Mehreen's P.O.V 

"Mehreen! Get up!"  


"We need to stalk on 1D and JB! Duh!" Clarii said  

it went pitch dark.  

"Mehreen, I love you" Justin said 

"You can't just say that" I answered 

It went pitch dark again. 

"Hi, I'm Niall!" Niall said blushing 

It went dark again.  

"You just want to get in Amreen's pants!" I yelled at harry 

It went dark again, this time, there were two men holding me, their faces were blank. I couldn't see their faces. I was crying and screaming them to stop.  

"Please stop.."  

"PLEASE STOP!" I screamed.  

"Mehreen? What happened?" Niall asked, I was having a nightmare. 

"Nothing, Niall, Just a bad dream" 

"Okay" He answered 

"wait, where are you?" I asked, I couldn't see him anywhere.  

"I'm here, down!" Niall said 

I searched for him, He was laying beside the bed.  

"Niall! What are you doing there?" I asked 

"Well, I won't sleep with you. That's be rude of me" He answered 

"Oh come on! I said 

"What?" He asked 

"Come here beside me!" I said 

"No, Mehreen, Justin might get angry" Niall said 

"Why would he get angry?" I asked 

"He's yorur boyfriend!" Niall said 

"He is? Oh yeah, he is!" I said chuckling 

"But, come here! Or I'll sleep on the sofa in the living room!" I added 

"Ugh, Mehreen! Okay, I'll come there!" Niall finally agreed.  


Mehreen forced me to sleep in the bed. As I put a pillow in the middle 

"Niall, what are you doing?" Mehreen asked 

"Putting a pillow in the middle" I answered  

"Ugh!" She sighed and threw the pillow.. We were under the same blanket. Her arms covered me and her legs too. She was playing circles on my stomach.  

"Niall, can you tell me something about me?" She asked 

"I'd try. I don't know much about you. Okay, here, Your name is Mehreen Horan, lol, just kidding, your name is Mehreen Khan, You are 19 years old and you are a muslim. I came to know the other day that you like Carrots too much. You always smile, and You are very beautiful. You love eating and sleeping. You are a pervert too. And yeah, that's it!" I said 

"How did I meet Justin?" She asked 

"Well, he DM'ed you on twitter" I answer 

"I have a twitter?" She asked 

"Yeah! Your name on twitter is HoranBieber's girl" I said  

"so, okay, I don't know my password. Lolol, btw, who's horan? I've heard it everywhere" She asked 

"Haha!" I laughed 

"Come on Niall! Who is it?" She asked 

"Horan is the guy who loves you so much, He loves you more than Justin does" I told her 

"How do you know that?" She asked 

"Horan is a good friend of mine" I answer 

"Oh Okay!" She exclaimed 

"Let's sleep" I suggested 

"Sure!" She exclaimed. Before I knew, everything was calm, we were already sleeping. 

------------------------------------------Niall's P.O.V 

I felt someone playing with my hair.  

"Umm Mehreen? What are you doing?" I asked 

"Rise and Shine Love!" She greeted 

"Hehehe! What time is it?" I asked 

"7 am" she answered 

"Too early! Is anyone awake yet?" I asked  

"Nope! Let's go and swim!" She said excitedly. 

"Sure! I'll just get ready!" I said 

I stood up, I took my swimming shorts and wore it with a grey thin clothed shirt. I came and saw Mehreen wearing white bikinis and she had some crisps in her hand.  

"This is gonna be fun!" I said 

"Oh yes it is!" She said. 

We ran off the door and the stairs. When we were near the pool, I dip one of my fingers, damn, it was so cold. And then *splash* Mehreen pushed me in the pool.  

"You naughty girl" I yelled 

"Haha! Come and get me!" She said. I stood up, removed my shirt, I dried my shorts abit and then we started running all over the house.. Unfortunately, we woke up everyone, Mehreen ran in Justin's room.  

"Ugh, Guys?" Justin said annoyed 

"Sorry!" Mehreen wishpered and kissed him on his cheek and left. When we came out, We saw Clarii, Mir, Zayn, Amreen, Harry and Louis dressed in their swimming outfits! 

"More people can join your game!" Clarii smirked 

"Clean your mess!" Liam yelled 

"Yeah right!" Clarii shouted and off we went! 


Mehreen's P.O.V 

Everyone came along, except for Justin and Liam.  

"Guys! Let's Jump all together!" Clarii suggested, she was wearing a pair of violet bikini.  

"Yes! It'll be fun!" Amreen said, she was wearing black bikini.  

We all kept and our hands up and we tied it to each other. I was holding Niall's and Harry's hand.  

We all jumped, and *splash* the water went. It was like a tsunami! Lolol. I saw Clarii on the ground. 

"Fools!" Clarii shouted 

"Yeah right!" Mir went up and threw Clarii in the water.  

We all were laughing so hard.  

"Guys, I'll cook for today" Harry suggested 

"I'll help you" I said. He looked and smiled at me. He set foot on the ground, he helped me to get up. The people were still playing hard.  

"Umm, Harry, what are we cooking?" I asked 

"We're cooking pasta!" He said 

"Ooh, Pasta!" I said 

"Yup!" He said in a groovy tone."  


Justin's P.O.V 

I feel so guilty, Everytime it haunts me! I can't do this anymore. I'm leaving. I'm going back to the States

I feel like bursting. Whenever I look at Mehreen's eyes, I just want to cry. I really love her! What did I do?! Why did I do that?!  

"Hi, Justin! What are you thinking about?" Mehreen asked 

"Mehreen, we need to talk!" I sighed 

"Oh, Sure, so, what is it that we need to talk about?" Mehreen asked 

"Mehreen, I'm breaking up with you" I said 

"what? You can't break up with Mehreen, I mean, Me" She said paranoid. 

"I'm sorry Mehreen. I just did something wrong. But, maybe, one day, I'll come back." I said 

"But... Okay" Mehreen sighed 


Author: By those words, Justin packed her bag, Mehreen was crying asking him not to leave. Justin left. At the same minute, he left.  


Clarii's P.O.V 

We saw Justin go out of the house with his bag. It only meant one thing, he's leaving. I saw Mehreen crying and begging him not to go. It wasn't only me who saw, everyone. 

I came to her, I needed to talk to her. 

"Mehreen, We need to talk" I said 

"Talk? Need to talk? Are you leaving me like what Justin did?" She asked shouting.  

"No, Mehreen, Calm down" I tried to tell her. She just ran off and cried. 


Liam's P.O.V 

we only have 3 days left to stay here. We had fun but we need to go back to England.  

"Guys! Attention!" I called everyone together. Harry came out from the kitchen and Clarii holding Mehreen.  

"We're going back to England after 3 days" I announced 

"Oh yeah!" Everyone sighed 

"I know it's hard but we need to" I said.  

"Am I included?" Mehreen asled 

"DuH!" we screamed.  

"okay" she wishpered and left.  

"what's wrong with her?" I asked 

"Justin broke up with her and he left to go back to US." Clarii told me. I felt bad for Mehreen. I had to talk to Mehreen, she was helping Harry get the food done.  

"Mehreen, let's talk" I told her 

"Why does everyone want to talk to me?" I ask which made Harry laugh. We went in the living room, and we sat on the sofa, and we were having a calm talk 

"Mehreen, how do you feel?" I asked 

"I'm okay" she shrugged 

"Mehreen, Tell me the truth" I told her 

"Here, Liam, I feel terrible, I feel like jumping off a cliff. I feel like I don't know!" She yelled, While she did that, I remember the first time I had a girlfriend. And when we broke up, my life went miserable.  

"Mehreen, You have to move on" I told her 

"Move on? That's crazy." Mehreen said 

"Mehreen, I believe you can do it" I told her and hugged her.  

"Okay, Liam, Enough now, I need to help Harry" She said.  

"Oh, okay" I sighed, before she could leave, I hugged her again. 

"I know you can do it. And remember that we're always here for you. You are our baby." I added 

"Thanks Liam.." She said and left.  


Mehreen's P.O.V 

Clarii talked to me, Well, It was okay. Liam talked to me, It was okay too. I'm happy to know that I still have them. My second family. 

"What's up Harry?" I asked 

"I don't know, the ceiling?" He answered sarcastically.  

"Oh, Lol! Are you done?" I asked 

"Wait, I'm not, oh here! I'm done" he declared 

"Mama Mia! Lemme help you" I asked 

"Oh, sure" Harry said 

I helped him bring the plates, our hands touched. He was giggling.  

"Dude! You need to stop blushing, like seriously" I said and soon we chuckled.  

"Ooh, someone's happy." Clarii teased 

"Not really, Clarii" I said going back to my emo side.. Everyone was now in the dining room, I put the pasta in the middle.  

"I'll just go and call Justin" I said, when I stood up, I remember he actually left, everything went quiet.  

"I'm so dumb" I sighed and I sat again, playing circles over my food, my tears were rolling from my eyes. I wipe it but everyone were already looking at me.  

"Okay, Mehreen, speak up" Clarii yelled 

"It's just that, I feel so bad. My heart? It feels like I don't know. I can't think straight, I don't know what's happening. But I feel that I Love him, But I don't know." I said as more tears come of my eyes.  

"Mehreen, he left you, he don't know what he just lost. But Me Mehreen, I felt the same thing, You just have to move on" Louis detorted 

"I don't know. He told me he'll be back" I wishpered 

"Are you ready to wait?" Niall asked 

"I Love him, I am ready to wait but that's like wasting time" I shrugged 

"Okay Mehreen" Niall said. It was a quiet lunch. I was in the room alone, I kept crying and sobbing. I wish I can remember what happened. Yes, Harry. He might know something.  

*knock* *knock*  

"Come In Peasant!" Ofcourse, it was no other than Louis.  

"Hi Louis" I greeted 

"Oh, Hi Mehreen. Is there anything you want?" Louis asked 

"I need to talk to Harry" I said 

"Oh, but Haz is taking shower" Louis said 

"Oh Okay, Maybe Just tell him that I need to talk to him?" I said 

"Oh Sure" Lou answered and I left their room. In 15 minutes, someone knocked the door. 

"Come in" I yelled 

"Mehreen, Lou told me that you wanted to talk to me"  

"Yes" I answer 

"what is it about?" he asked 

"Do Justin and I had an argument?" I asked.

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