My Missing Princess

This is a story about a 19 year old girl called Mehireen and her bestfriend Clarii with a twist of Justin Bieber. What will happen when Mehireen gets into Relationship with Justin Bieber, and it becomes a brutal relationship because he always gets jealous with Nialler. Read the story. Enjoy!


24. It's packing time! woot! woot!

Mehreen's P.O.V 

omfg, we're going to Boracay in the Philippines! I can't believe this. Well, We arrived the house at 8 pm. Mir and Clarii was watching TV in the living room, Amreen joined them, Justin and I stood infront of them to tell them about the 2 weeks vacation..  

"Umm Guys?" I called 

"Yes Mehreen.." Clarii wishpered 

"Justin is having 2 weeks leave from work and.." I stopped 

"Annnnndddd??" Clarii screamed 

"And, we're going for a vacation!" Justin answered 

"Where?" Amreen asked  

"Umm, In Boracay" Justin answered 

"Wait, Boracay? You mean the Boracay of the Philippines?" Clarii asked 

"Yes, Clarii, You're right." I answered 

"Omfg!" We're going to boracay!" Clarii exclaimed.  

"And we're leaving tomorrow at 11 am!" I announced  

"wait what?!" Amreen yelled 

"I know, I know! That was also my reaction!" I told them 

"So, You need us to start packing?" Clarii asked 

"DUH!" I answered 

"umm, Mir? Why are you so silent?" I asked  

"Well, Boys like us, don't talk much like you girls!" Justin said 

"I agree Justin." Mir said 

"bitches keep on talking!" I said 

"Mehreen!" Justin yelled 

"Umm, Yes?" I answer 

"Go in my room! Now!" Justin yelled 

"Okay.." I wishpered 

"Mehreen?" Justin called 

"Yeah?" I answered 

"You're sleeping with me tonight!" Justin said 

"Awww. I don't have anyone." Amreen said 

"Well, Get a boyfriend then!" Mir said 

"Mir, Ssssh!" Clarii said locking her lips with his.  

"*cough* too much public *cough*" Amreen said which made Clarii hit her and they went to their room.  

"Start packing and get down in an hour for dinner." I yelled 

"Okaay." They 3 said in unison 

I went in my room  

"Where do you think are you going?" Justin asked 

"Packing?" I answered 

"Okay" He said and went in his room, I was done packing, I went to check on Mir and Clarii, they were done packing too, Amreen was done packing too, We packed together. I went to Justin's room, he wasn't done at all, he was still thinking what to bring. 

"Justin? You'll look good in everything you wear" I told him 

"Babe, are you sure?" He asked 

"Ofcourse hun." I answer and left his room, I started cooking our dinner, I was making a crepe, it's a kind of a french food.  


Clarii's P.O.V 

Mir and I are done packing, Mehreen came to check on us. After that, Mir and I sat on the bed. Hugging, I kept staring at him, his dark eyes, those lips, his eyebrows, his everything, It made me feel a thousand of butterflies in my tummy. We looked at each other, I know what would happen next, we came closer to each other, our lips were just an inch away, until- 

"Dinner is ready!" Mehreen screamed interupting us. 

"Ugh" I sighed 

"It's Okay babe, we still have the whole night" Mir told me 

I took my pink cardigan and wore it as I was just wearing a white vest and grey shorts. I wanted to look presentable.  


Mehreen's P.O.V 

I was done cooking. 

"Dinner is ready!" I screamed 

I saw Justin running toward me and he kissed me, this time, it was full of love and passion.  

"Justin!" I yelled 

"What?" He asked 

"it's not time for that" I yelled 

"what do you mean?" Justin asked 

"I'm not yet ready, you know" I told him 

"Not yet ready? You are my girlfriend for goodness sake!" He said 

"Justin, I mean, it's dinner time" I told him  

"Oh okay, lol, I thought, okay, haha, okay, let's eat." He said embarrased 

"Sup guys?" Clarii said, they 3 came almost together, and in 30 minutes, we were done eating. 

Amreen, Clarii and I started washing the dishes, we always did this when we were younger. Old times. Hehe ^.^ 

"Okay Guys, we done, I'm going upstairs!" I said 

"Okay, Good Night." They greeted 

I went up, and went to Justin's room. 

"Finally, you're here!" Justin said.  

"Haha, Okay, I'll just take shower" I went and took shower, and he was waiting for me patiently. I changed into a trunk shirt and a pair of blue pj's. I sat beside him, and kissed him on his cheek, and I put my body to rest, and get in the comfy blankets, before I could even close my eyes, Justin came on top of me, He started kissing my forehead, before he could even go further, I pushed him away.  

"Justin, stop!" I yelled and tears started coming off my eyes. 

"Mehreen, I'm sorry.." He said, he tried to hold me 

"Stay away from me!" I screamed 

"Are you breaking up with me?" he asked 

"No, I'm not, But I don't wanna talk to you for the meantime!" I told him  

I went to my room and I rest my body beside Amreen and I was thinking about what happened, and I slept.

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