My Missing Princess

This is a story about a 19 year old girl called Mehireen and her bestfriend Clarii with a twist of Justin Bieber. What will happen when Mehireen gets into Relationship with Justin Bieber, and it becomes a brutal relationship because he always gets jealous with Nialler. Read the story. Enjoy!


15. Here they come.

Clarii's P.O.V 

We reached Justin's house just in time! God, this is gonna be a short night. Good night. x  


"Clarii! Clarii! Get up!"  

"Ugh, Why?"  

"Mir and Amreen are coming"  

"Aren't they coming at 6?"  

"Yup! So get up already" 

"Why? what time is it?" 

"Dude! It's 4:55 pm" 

"Omfg! wtf? Okay, I'll get ready in 20 minutes!" 

"You should be! Im so excited!" 

"Me too!" I said unsure. 


Mehreen's P.O.V  

Oh My God! I'm so excited. I haven't seen Amreen for 2 years now since we moved in England. Damn! I miss her so much.  

"Clarii? Are you done yet?" I yelled 

"Yup Bitch!"  

"Lol okay.."  

Justin was waiting in the car, he insisted to drive for us! Christian is not coming with us as he's hanging out with his friends.  


Clarii's P.O.V  

Ugh! I don't know. I feel my phone vibrate, which means I recieved a text! It was from Harry (H stands for Harry while C stands for Clarii)  

H: Babe! It's nearly 6, Are we still going?

C: Omg, Sorry. I really can't. we're going to the airport to get a friend. more like 2 friends.

H: Oh, okay.. Can I come?

C: lol, Nope.

H: owh :( why?

C: Sorry, maybe some other time?

H: Sure babe.



In 15 minutes, we've arrived the airport. We got out of the car, and we 3 got in the airport, We saw some people came near us! Justin was holding Mehreen's hand. They were the paparazi! They asked countless questions like  

1. Justin? Who is she?  

2. Justin, Is she your girlfriend? 

3. Justin! Is she the rebound of Selena?  

and more questions, but the worst was this statement.  

"Selena is better than her"  

As long as I know, Mehreen doesn't like people comparing her, The last time, she was compared with her sister, she broke down crying. well, Anyways, After she heard that, she ran, Justin and I were left together. And I was so worried, where could she be. We went near the arrival area, where I saw Mehreen hugging a really thin boyish girl and shaking a guy's hand, the girl turned around, It was Amreen, She was beautiful, But her boyish figure hid all of that, I screamed  

"Amreeeeeeen!" which made the guy turn his face, and it was Mir. I was interrupted. I stood there, Lost in a different world, he was smiling at me, He looked so tall and his cheekbones were great. His Eyes were so deep? (Deep? lol) When I looked at his eyes, It bring me in a different world, A world full of Love. Until- 

"Hi Clarii" Mir called 

"Hey Mir, What's up?"  

"Nothing much!, I Miss you"  

"I mi-"  

"Clariiiiiii!" Amreen interrupted me. 

"Amreen! I miss you so much!"  

"Me too! I miss you and Mehreen so effing much!"  


Mir's P.O.V  

Clarii looks so beautiful, She smiled at me. Did she forget our past. all the flashbacks come in my head. I really loved her, And I still do. That's why I'm here in England. It's all for her. I wish she just comes to know.  


Mehreen's P.O.V  

we got in the car, and was just waiting for Justin.. Amreen, Mir and Clarii was sitting in the back seat.  

"Mehreen, whom are we waiting for?" Amreen asked.  

"We're just waiting for my boyfriend, Justin" I answered.  

"Oh Okay! I look forward in knowing about him" Amreen said 

"You'll Love him, trust me" I said 

"She already loves him" Clarii added 

"Oh yeah!" I answered.  

I saw Justin coming close to us! He opened the door and sat in the driver's seat.  

"Hey Fellas!" Justin Greeted them.  

"Aaaaaaaaah" Amreen screamed.  

"What happened, Amreen?" Justin asked 

"Well, Mehreen didn't tell me that she's dating THE JUSTIN BIEBER"  

"Oh!" Justin said  

Clarii and I started laughing.  


Amreen's P.O.V  

damn! that was dayuum! Mehreen is dating Justin Bieber. omfg! I can't believe it! ahahhahaha.  


*End of this chapter*

Author's Note: Umm, What's up? what do you think about this chapter? Hehehe.. I'll be adding a person's Name here to date Christian! So Any suggestions which girl to keep? hehe.. Good Day :DD

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