My Missing Princess

This is a story about a 19 year old girl called Mehireen and her bestfriend Clarii with a twist of Justin Bieber. What will happen when Mehireen gets into Relationship with Justin Bieber, and it becomes a brutal relationship because he always gets jealous with Nialler. Read the story. Enjoy!


20. Awkward

A/N: Guyss! You must have noticed we have the same 'name' chapter. Like, idk? Mehreen did this!

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Niall's P.O.V  

Hearing the return of I love you(s) of Mehreen and Justin, My heart keeps on tearing. And I think, It's fully toren apart. Well, Whatever. We were done eating, and we volunteered to drop them home.  

"Mehreen!" I called 

"Yes Niall?" She asked  

"Thanks for bringing us along!" I thanked her 

"Oh Come on Niall! We're friends!" Mehreen said.  

"Wait, Where's Amreen and Harry?" Mehreen asked 

"Well, I don't know!" I answered  

We went in the car, and saw them snogging.  

"Guys! Wtf ?" Mehreen screamed.  

"Wait, I can explain!" Amreen said 

"Oh, Boy!" Mehreen sighed.  

"Harry! Do you know you're her first kiss. And You Harry, You're a perv. I don't know If I can trust you! I don't know if you just want to get in Amreen's pants!" Mehreen yelled

"Mehreen! Shut up!" Amreen yelled angrily.

"I'm just trying to state a fact!" Mehreen yelled

"Harry! Tell Mehreen that you really love me! Than you don't just wanna get in my pants!" Amreen said

"Mehreen! I..." Harry was speechless. Mehreen was right. Harry just wanted to have sex with Amreen.

"Harry! Speak up!" Amreen screamed.

"So, I was right?" Mehreen asked. As Mehreen told those words, Amreen broke down in crying.

"Mehreen, I think we need to get rest!" I suggested.

"Yes, Nialler. bye." Mehreen said.  

I got in the car, I saw Mehreen hugging Amreen and got in the house.


Amreen's P.O.V  

"Harry! Speak up!" I screamed.  

"So, I was right?" Mehreen asked  

I think I was going to die. Harry waa being nice to me! He kissed me. I thought he really loved me. I thought he did. I thought he did.

"Amreen?" I Heard Mehreen  

"Yes?" I answered questionable 

"Are You Okay?" She asked  

"What do you think? You think I'm happy. He was my first kiss. It was supposed to be special. I looked at his emerald eyes. I trusted him!" I yelled.

"What's wrong?" Clarii Joined in.  

Mehreen shut the door. And we three started talking  

(M:Mehreen, C: Clarii, A:Amreen)  

C: Guys? What's wrong?  

a moment of silence.  

C: Speak up bitches!  

M: Harry kissed her.  

C: omfg, So that's Amreen's First kiss. Eh, what's wrong? 

A: He wasn't serious. All he wanted was to get in my pants.  

C: wtf? and Mehreen, You let this happen?  

M: Clarii! If it wasn't because of me, Amreen will be trapped in his play. 

C: Umm Okay. I'm really sorry Amreen.  

A: You don't have to be sorry.. It wasn't your fault.  

C: Umm, Okay.  

"Clarii!" We heard Mir call.  

C: Umm, Guys! I think I need to go.  

M: Right! ;D  

A: Did you guys do 'the thing'  

C: What 'the thing' ?  

M: Ooh la la! Use Protection  

C: Bitch! *hits Mehreen* You guys are such a perv.  

M: Tell me about it.  

A: lol.  


Mir's P.O.V  

I woke up without Clarii by my side. I was worried. I know I'm over acting. But, I can't help it. Reality and finally better than dreams. She was just my dream, And Now, Here, I have her all by myself.  

"Clarii!" I yelled 

I heard wishpering! I think it came from Mehreen's room.. I went in Mehreen's room. All I saw was Amreen Shuddering, Mehreen Worried and Clarii confused.  

"What's wrong?" I asked.  

"Nothing, Babe. Just some girl talk!" Clarii answered 

"Oh Okay. Do You want me to leave?" I asked 

"No! You can take Clarii! We're done talking." Mehreen answered.  

"Umm Okay! Babe, Come on? Let's cook!" I said  

"Sure babe!" Clarii answered 

"Okay, what are you waiting for?" I ask 

"Carry Me!" I heard Clarii ask like a 5 year old kid.  

"oh lol, okay.." I picked her up, and she rested her head at my chest.  

"Aww! You guys are so cute!" Mehreen exclaimed. and Amreen started crying again.  

"I'll handle this!" Mehreen said shutting the door.

"Mir! I Love You!" Clarii wishpered

"I Love You too, babe" I replied and we kissed. It lasted longer than expected. All the sparks run through spine. I felt a billion of butterflies in my tummy. This is Love. 


Harry's P.O.V  

I don't know what I should say to Amreen right now. I feel so dumb. I feel so ashamed. Urghh!  

"Amreen, Meet me tomorrow at 6pm in Taco Bell!" I texted her 

God Knows, if she'll come or ditch me.

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