My Missing Princess

This is a story about a 19 year old girl called Mehireen and her bestfriend Clarii with a twist of Justin Bieber. What will happen when Mehireen gets into Relationship with Justin Bieber, and it becomes a brutal relationship because he always gets jealous with Nialler. Read the story. Enjoy!


1. A Normal day.

"Hey! get up!" -Clarii

"Uh What?" -Mehireen

"Mehireen, Get up man! We have to do many things!" -Clarii

"Like?" -Mehireen

"Making a youtube cover, and Stalking on One Direction and JB!" -Clarii

"Sure! Gimme 10 minutes more" -Mehireen

"Get Up Lazy ass" -Clarii

"Alright" -Mehireen

 Mehireen's P.O.V (point of view)

I don't why Clarii have to wake me up this early. Maybe it's because we have to Fangirl allover JB and 1D.. I swear, if Justin Bieber Follows me or tweet me, Idk! haha lol. I might faint <3333

"Are You Done Yet" -clarii

There she goes again! She's really into something!


uhhhh, what is she upto now?

"What Happened Down There" 

"You'll never believe what just happened, get down her fast!" -Clarii

uhhhhhhhh. Do I have to?  Like I have a choise.

"I'll be right there"


Author's Note : Sup Potatoes? Well, I'll type down the next chapter in 5 mins. and the 3rd chapter might come later! ^.^ Take care..

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