One way or another

Britney Allgood is in love with one direction. She has long brown hair and gree/blue eyes. She is 18 years old and lives in london in her own flat. What happens when she meets on of the boys at starbucks? Will they keep in touch or not? Will they be a perfect couple or not? Will one of the other boys fall for her?
( i know it doesn't sound good but it will be trust me :) )


1. meeting him/her

Britneys POV:


                 i walked in to Starbucks and ordered a caramel frappe and sat down. i was sitting there thinking. when all the sudden a guy that look about my age 18 came up to me. i got lost in his beautiful blue eyes he had brown hair that went to the side then i realized........ IT IS LOUIS TOMLINSON!!!!!!!!!! i was freaking out inside. he said " take a picture, it will last longer' i blushed. hile the we talked for a little while then traded number because he had to go





 Louis POV:



                i just met the most amazing girl ever. she had beautiful blue eyes and hair that went right under her rib cage. im going to my flat i get back and i decided to txt her



                                                to: Britney :) : what are you doing tonight?

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