One way or another

Britney Allgood is in love with one direction. She has long brown hair and gree/blue eyes. She is 18 years old and lives in london in her own flat. What happens when she meets on of the boys at starbucks? Will they keep in touch or not? Will they be a perfect couple or not? Will one of the other boys fall for her?
( i know it doesn't sound good but it will be trust me :) )


4. his band

Britneys POV:



                    i wake up with the sun beaming in my eyes. I couldnt move because louis is to strong and his arms were wrapped around me i cant tell is he was a wake so i poked him and he said " im awake,love" with his sweet British accent.we were lying there then there was a knock on his bedroom door he shouted "who is it?" "harry ,mate get up and eat breakfast with us" the voic on the other side of the door said "ok be there in a sec" he said. we got up. "louis i dont have close to where" i said "here love where some of mine" he said. He handed me a pair of sweats and a Beatles tank that was a little big and u could see my bra from the arm holes.  We walked out harry was first. They saw me and made weird faces harrys face had a smirk on it then he said "louis did u get some last night" "no" i said "we just snuggled in bed last night" " louis is right" i said " then why is she whereing your clothes the?" " because hse didnt have any clothes to were other then the ones she whore yesterday and she didnt want to where them agin." louis said i smled because he sticking up for me. he is so cute. Liam Zayn and Nialll are nice i like them. But Harry on the other han is ANNOYING!!! I dont like him :)

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