afraid of love

this is a story about a girl ho loses every thing and every one she loves, but what happends when she falls in love with two fames guys(one direction)????????????


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 Lucy’s P.O.V

“Hello You Tubers, you have asked a lot of questions on the last YouTube blog and I just have to say thank you for the nice comments. Some of them weren’t so nice and I know a lot of really want me to talk about myself and not just celebrities so that’s what I'm going to do.” The little voice inside me told me that most of the people are going to think this is a joke or something. “This is how I’m going to start, I'm going to answer some questions. ‘Do you have a sister or brother’ well, a little while ago…” I felt the tears coming when I started to speak. “My brother jumped of a bridge, so I had but not anymore. ‘Are you going to watch the one direction concert on TV’ Yeah and it starts in a half hour. ‘What did your parents do when you lost your brother’ after I came over the worst shock my mom and dad started to blame me and left.” It went on like that till it was ten minutes till the concert started.

I started to make popcorn and toke the chocolate and soda in the living room. The first thing I saw was a pic of my brother, which reminded me that tomorrow it was exactly two months sins. I turned on the TV and sat down with a blanket. “Ladies and gentlemen get ready for ONE DIRECTION” the TV-host said. The boys ran on stage and sang the normal songs and they were really good to day. “Now we want to sing a special song, the person that wrote it wrote it with her brother, but he jumped of a bridge two months ago and this song is a reminder that you got to ‘keep strong’” when Niall said that I thought that I was dead. They started to sing:

‘When life is turning the back to you, remember to stay strong, when nothing is going your way, stay strong through the rain. The storm can’t last forever. The weather is going to turn, like day to night and love at summer. Summer is time to have fun not just to keep strong. Keep strong like he doesn’t deserve your tears.  You are better than that, you deserve better than that, but you have to keep strong. Fake a smile and move on. Please don’t cry, stay strong, fake a smile then move on. You will always have me by your side; remember that through your tears. You are loved by me. (Being saidà)Keep strong, hold on, life must turn, your loved by many more, do not just forget that. (Back to singing) keep strong like he doesn’t deserve your tears. You are better than that, you deserve better than that, but you have to keep strong. Fake a smile and move on. Please don’t cry, stay strong, fake a smile then move on. You will always have me by your side; remember that through your tears. You are loved by me.’

I had tears in my eyes when they were finished. I can’t believe they sang my song. I went up to my brothers old room and slept there tonight. 

 Niall’s P.O.V

It was unbelievable, it was an incredible feeling. I hoped she liked it. “Thank you for tonight, our lovelies”. The fans screamed loud. We went backstage; we didn’t have signing until tomorrow. “Hey, what are we going to do now” Zayn was already bored. He got easily bored. “We have to sleep” I answered because I was so tired, I think I could have slept on a bench. “Okay, time to go”, Paul came in. “I think Harry is sleeping already” Louis laughed. “No, not yet” Harry had his sleepy voice. An hour later I was in bed, but I couldn’t sleep, I was very tired but couldn’t sleep. I hate when that happened. I went down to take food when I heard a knock on the door. I expected one of the security guards, I got surprised. “c-can I sleep h-her tonight”, a scared Lucy asked looking on the ground. She was wet, cold and scared. “Of course, why, if I can ask” “I couldn’t sleep, I had nightmare” she said embarrassed. “Come in, you have to sleep in my room, I have a couch I can sleep on.” “No, I can’t let you sleep on the couch, I came here, I am the guest” “right you are the guest, you sleep in the bed”. We went up; I was going to sleep on the couch no matter what. She went on the bathroom in my room to take on a her Pj. I got ready for the couch. I already had on my ‘’I love Ireland’’ Pj. When she came out she had on a ‘’I love 1D’’ Pj, it made me giggle. “What” “Nothing” I kept smiling. Before I could say anything she was lying on the couch. “What are you doing” “What does it look like, I'm sleeping on the couch” “No, you’re not” I picked her up, she wasn’t heavy at all. She let out a small scream. “Don’t wake the rest” she just nodded in agreement. Out of nowhere she jumped out of my arms and pushed me on the bed. I got scared for a moment, because I’m a virgin, but when I looked up I saw her almost sleeping. When I saw she was really sleeping I picked her up again to lay her in the bed. When I finally I got into sleep it was 3am. I woke up at 10am. I like to sleep. She was still sleeping but both of us where in the bed. How! I did hope there that I was sleep walking. “Gooood morning” “to you to sleepyhead” “hehe, you say, you didn’t notice I carried you here”. Now I was scared. “What” I was surprised too. “Relax; I woke up in the middle of the night and felt lonely, so I decided to make us both comfy”. Good she was just nice. “Why did you wake up” “I was thirsty” I just nodded in answer. “Oh, PS Louis knows that I am in the room”.  “Yeah, it was nice surprise”. Louis said as he walked in. “Sorry”. I had totally forgot that. “How did you notice” I just had to ask. “Well; I woke up because I wanted some water and someone was in the bathroom with a glass, it was all I saw before I smacked her on her bum. She screamed I looked up, at what I was expecting to be your face, but it was a girl so I screamed and yelled on security. Then when I had a closer look it was the Lucy girl and I stood there in shock”. He started to laugh when he was finished, me and Lucy too. “Yeah and that is just the start” Lucy told when we were finished laughing. “The security guard that heard Louis scream came running, so Louis explained that you guys knew me and that I had asked to stay here the night and he also told a little funny thing” she took a break looking at Louis that was looking at me with a ‘sorry’ look. “He also told that I was a special girl to you”. She looked at me with a question look, like ‘is this true’. The first thing I did when she was finished was to look at Louis with a death glare and then I looked at the ground. When I looked up again I saw here looking at me with hope in her eyes. “Yeah” was all I got out.


Lucy’s P.O.V

I kissed him on the cheek. When I looked at him again he smiled, not just with his mouth, but the whole body of his was smiling. His eyes were just sooo blue and shiny. His hair was of course in a morning style and I felt that felling, that feeling wanted to run my hand through his blond hair. Whit out knowing it I started to play with his hair while I sat down next to him. He took my blond hair and started to play with it. All of a sudden he kissed me on my lips, in the start I was shocked, but after a while I kissed back. It was no need for words. We broke the kiss to breath, we both smiled. We heard Louis, we totally forgot him.   

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