afraid of love

this is a story about a girl ho loses every thing and every one she loves, but what happends when she falls in love with two fames guys(one direction)????????????


6. 5

Niall’s P.O.V

“I think I am in looove, I think my heart has gone its way” I sang in the shower. “My mate I think I hear you singing your feelings” Louis yelled from the other side of the door. I quickly finished and went out of the bathroom. “What are you talking about” I asked like I had no clue. “You know what I am talking about.” “No, please tell me.” “Okay, you are in love with that Lucy girl and you have known her in less than a day.” Louis said like he knew it from when we agreed to meet her. I decided to tell him how I felt sins I was sharing room with him and I talk about my feelings in my sleep. “Well, okay, I like her, I don’t know what it is, it’s everything. From her blond curly hair to her shiny blue eyes and the fact that she was wearing her brother’s cloths was just sweet, she was just so sweet.” “I see.” Louis started, for so yelling. ”NIALL IS IN LOOOVE.” Of course, the rest of the boys came in when they heard that. “Ooooooo, who is it” Zayn asked. “Everyone gets one guess” Louis said with excitement. “Is it our stylist” Zayn guessed sins I often felled in love with people I knew. I shook my head in answer. “Is it that backstage girl, if it is I just have to say she is mine” Harry said with a suspicious look. I shook my head again. “I know” Liam almost yelled. “It’s that Lucy girl isn’t it” He said it with a smile. “Yeah” It was I all I got out.

After all that was near the band knew about it I went back to my room to sleep, somehow I actually slept until the next day and until Louis decided to wake me up. “Wake up you lazy ass” he yelled as he jumped in bed. He sounded happy till I grabbed his hand and pulled him down. “Hey” “hello to you to Louis” “how dare you.” “I don’t know, I felt like doing it so” “boys, get your rich asses out here” Lou (the stylist) yelled to us. It was always a contest to get out fastest to have her style you, because the others weren’t that nice. I was lucky this time. “So, how do you know this girl” she asked interested. We had just told them that I was in love. “Well, we met her on the airport.” I started. “So, is she a Directioner” she asked surprised. “No, she was, but something horrible happened two months ago.” It was surprising how much I actually knew about her. “What happened, you know you can say it to me.” “Yeah, it is kinda our fault. We made her brother jump of a bridge”. When I said that I got sad and angry at myself and her parents. When I looked up at Lou again it looked like she was in shock. “What did you do” she asked as she started to put on my make-up. “It wasn’t just us” when I said that she sight of relief. “Good, just think of the headlines. ‘One Direction made boy jump of bridge’ that hadn’t been good or ‘one direction ruin peoples life’ think of the disaster” she said without knowing the rest. “Are you finished” I asked to get over the conversation. “Yeah, go out to the others”

Harry’s P.O.V

“Hey guys, why didn’t we give her tickets” I asked because it had been cool to get to know her. “I honestly don’t know” Liam answered. “We still have the song she gave us, you know ‘keep strong’ we can sing it” Louis said as he called someone, I bet it is El he was calling. “She gave us a song” Niall asked surprised, shit we hadn’t told him. “Yeah, before she went down to sing for you, I think she was couth in the moment” Liam answered for me. “It was a song she had written with her brother” I said quickly. ‘Shit I keep saying the wrong thing’. Niall looked disappointed. “If you're disappointed just think that it was you she wanted to sing for” I said trying to make it better. “Yeah, but can I read through it before we sing it” he said, finally, with a smile. “Here” Zayn said as he handed a copy to Niall. “I'm going to make a call to my girlfriend” Liam said as he walked to the door. Same here” Zayn followed Liam. “Well, then it’s just us” I said and looked over to Niall who was reading through the song. I sat down beside him for no reason.

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