afraid of love

this is a story about a girl ho loses every thing and every one she loves, but what happends when she falls in love with two fames guys(one direction)????????????


4. 3

 Niall’s P.O.V

I didn’t believe her till I heard the tape. The first thing we did when we came to the tour bus was to listen the tape, it was real and it was all there. The fact that her parents had left here alone on a time like this was so unreal. “Lads we have a problem” I said so loud that even I was surprised. They all nodded in agreement. “But what are we going to do” Liam said through tears. I pointed at the mark with name, cellphone number and address. They all nodded again. “Wait, what are we going to with that” Harry asked also through tears. They all looked at me again. “We can visit her or we can say a little about it on stage” Louis said, finally, he hadn’t said a word sins we talked to her. “Okay, up with a hand if you want to do bought” Zayn said very low. All of us raised our hands. “Okay the concert isn’t before tomorrow so we can visit her now”. We all agreed and said to management were we were going. It wasn't far from where they sat us off.

Lucy’s P.O.V

I cried in my bed, it was usual now, had done it sins my brother jumped of the bridge and some of the worst was that I hadn’t money to a funeral. I think I had fallen asleep with my thoughts because it was now 5pm and someone was knocking on my door. I didn’t bother with my look. When I opened the door I was so close just to smash it close again. It was One Direction outside my door. Many girls would kill to be in my spot now; I would do that to about three months ago. I didn’t get to close it because Harry was already inside. “What do you want” I said irritated that they were here. “You know that many girls would kill to be in your spot now” Zayn said as he looked around. “Yeah, I would too about three months ago” I said while walking to the couch. “Seriously” Harry said suspicious. “Yeah” “Well, no need to ask why not now” Niall said joining me on the couch. It was silent for a while. But I could fell Niall’s eyes on me, like I was a school project and he needed a good grade.

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